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im sort of back lol

well this will be a blog and a half sooo much has happened since i last came on. had my son and his pregnant g/f move back in cos with his bipolar he has got hismelf in debt and squandered over a grand so now im in charge of their money.

the 2nd day of them moving in had a cloak and dagger with the police wanting to talk to the g/f to cut a long story short they managed to find her and off we went to the police station. her parents are very odd and dont care for her and her nan bought her up. anyway turned out poor thing was pregnant 2 years before ex b/f punched her in the tum noone knew she was pregnant and at 7 months she gave birth to a dead baby all by herself . she was 16 didnt know what to do so wrapped in a blanket and buried it.

she told the midwife his as she didnt realise it was illegal to bury a dead baby that wasnt full term but in the end police where ver sympathetic with her as she did all this on her own wont press charges and midwife will kepp an eye on her more than usual as she lost baby at 7 month!

good news is all going well so far 17 weeks pregnant and they are moving into their flat at weekend im still in charge of their money as both as bad as each other, us and the nan have kitted out the flat so they dont need anything (with our own money) then get her parents screaming at me cos ive stolent their money cos they want some money to get bits and pieces for themselves!!! noo parent look after kids not scrounge off them!

in all this happening found out my 18 yr old daughter is now pregnant! the b/f was getting used to it then changed his mind and has done a runner. but hey ho shes strong she has us to support her, shes working and will carry on until baby born the will go back to work as sons g/f has offered to have baby when im not at work!

16 yr old son has his last interview with the board at army for his sponsership to go thru uni looking good so fingers crossed.

youngest boy is having physio for his back and having grief at school cos he cant do games even tho ive told them hes under a phsio and cant do them!

so me well have applied for dla for the fibro and sleep apnea they sent me a letter to ask when my daughter had to care for me in the evening etc so sent that back not holding my breath as im not on any pain killers for the fibro although drs well aware of the pain im in and gave name of sleep clininc dr. pain not been to bad lately and now ive got the right mask to sleep at night sleep is getting better but yesterday bam hit with the pain .

leg gave way shooting pain in the legs back is so painful now luckily i have a week off work this week so will rest up as much as i can.

who said life is boring!!!!!!

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Ah bless just as complicated as most families so you are really not alone, I too could write a book myself though this blog has made me smile...

Good luck with the babies that will be arriving in the family, there willl never be a dull moment i'm sure! I hope that your son and partner get all the support that they need and that your daughter gets on with it with your support.

One of my sons has just left the army after 8 years and has just started a degree course so doing things a little differently...I have also had to remove a son from doing PE a few times of late though hoping once we get his scan result (MRI just been done) then he will be right back running the tracks.

Does sleep apnea go along with the fibro as I am just waiting for my night in the sleep clinic to decide how best to treat me...worried re a mask as I don't want hubby thinking he is in an episode of Dr Who ...are you my mummy ect ! totally worried he will find it a bit of a turn off lol xx


lol ive had sleep apnea for years but just got worse and now have obstructive sleep apnea worried me when i was waking up a few times a night gasping for air and woke hubby up. but now hes not in bed with a pot bellied pig snoring away hes in bed with darfader! not a turn off as only put it on when im ready for sleep. i didnt have a night at sleep clinic they gave me this thing i wore on my wrist and finger and app it showed that i stopped breathing in my sleep more than i breathed lol hence why the cpap machine.

was asked last time i went to clinic if it was life changing cos most people say it is but cos of the fibro i still wake up tired and exhausted but def has helped


Wow, your life is overfull, but two little grand children is going to be so much fun.

Regarding your son and PE; PE teachers are the biggest bullies (I'm an ex teacher myself) and you need to stand up to them on your son's behalf. Phone the Head of PE up and make it clear that your son is not allowed to do PE until you and the physiotherapist say so and it is intollerable for him to be made uncomfortable about the fact he has medical problems. Contact your son's Head of Year and say the same to them. Write to the deputy head in charge of pastoral care and tell them what you have said to the Head of PE and the Head of Year, emphasise that this is putting an intollerable burden upon your son and that you are looking for the support of the school in this matter. If your son still has problems then complain to the Head and the Chair of the Govenors.

All the best

Julie xx


I am at a loss for words after reading your blog. Your life sounds like a roller coaster right now xxxxx


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