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What sort of car can you got/recommend?

So far I havent driven this year, just stuck in the house (mixture of side effects and pain) Anyway i have been thinking of selling my car, i feel every bump and dip in mine....ive nick named it the bone shaker! I? have also been thinking about trying an automatic.

This is all of course hoping that the side effects dont stay with me forever with the pregabalin :(

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we bought a picaso in june and to me its been brillant i had a punto and on bad days i used to have to lift my legs in the car and hold onto the car and steering wheel to get out. With the picaso its the right height just to get in and out of because the seat is at bum level lol. I am on pregabalin since june and i suffer no side affects. hope this helps you.


I've had 3 nissan micra automatics over the years and I loved them. the driver's seats are height adjustable, the steering wheel was adjustable too. they turn on a sixpence and are easy to drive. I had to get a car with a ramp for my scooter otherwise I would have one now. I wouldn't get a 2 door as its hard to get things off the back seat - but, the doors are wider.




no offence, but how can anyone who has never met you recommend a car to you.

Are you intending to buy new? if so take some for a test drive.

The only reason I say this is one car we had, for me it was perfect, but my husband was adamant the diving position wasnt right.

I havent driven now, in over a year. But although cant drive at the moment where I live prevents me giving up for ever. We would be stuck without a car.

The car we have now is a lovely car very smooth, but its too big for me to park. There are so many different things to consider when buying a car the the most important is for you to go and drive it.

Some cars now are semi automatic, clutch-less manuals, or autos that also have paddle gears on the steering wheel, so if you feel it necessary you can change up and down the gears depending on the road with much for ease than using a clutch and gear stick.

There are also cars that dont even have conventional handbrakes. None of which are designed for a disabled person, this is just the norm nowadays.

You really need to go and look at some and taken them for a drive. Go online to the main dealers and download info on the various models. one thing may be a huge factor is money, how much space you need, do you take passengers, wheel chair, dog, do you go on holiday a lot, is it big enough to take your suitcases…. the list is endless.

but good luck with whatever you get. xx


I have an vauxhall meriva . OH vauxhall zafria both automatic and very comfortable. Know how you feel we had a bone shaker ,lovely sporty car, that left me in tears everywhere we went in it . Sadly it was the car or my freedom so it had to go .....

Happy car hunting

Joy x


Test drive various models and makes is the only way to find the car that suits you best in my personal opinion. It depends on your height, weight, capabilities etc. xxx


I must try to remember that people cant actually read my mind!!...what i was thinking wasn't actually transferring to my question!!

I dont have the funds to go for a brand new car, I have a Mini at the minute, but as i said its a bit of a bone shaker, I think the previous owner had stiffened the suspension.

I have a blue badge, which helps when having to open the door wide, but it is just so heavy.

The arthritis is sore in my wrists and hands that is why i was thinking of of changing to automatic, also have sore legs, whith the fibro and often bouts of sciatica.

The husband has an automatic old bmw 5 series, its easy to drive but im just petrified parking feels massive and i find it hard to judge the size of it. Anyway he is thinking of selling his to get a van for work. He is a bmw snob and wants me to get a bmw, just would like the suggestions from other people for a comfortable ride thats not going to feel every pot hole in the road.

Thank you for all your suggestions, something to think about. :)


I have a Corsa automatic on the motability scheme, its SO much easier to drive than my old car. The model I have has cruise control, heated seats and steering wheel all of which I find really helpful for me. The heat really helps the pain in my back when I'm driving and of course a heated steering wheel this time of year is wonderful too :) I hope you find something suitable for you.



When we first considered changing the car we agreed to go with each other’s choices as much as we could.

So here are the His and Hers lists

His - High seat, ground to seat and large enough entrance.power Steering. Automatic Gearbox., Cruise control and Economical with a decent mpg. Also folding down rear seats to stop the dogs getting the seats to dirty. Enough room for three people and their luggage as well the three dogs.

Hers – Pretty. Pretty colour. Easy to get in and out of. Auto box. Easy to get the dogs in & out (of the car).

We pooled our list and in only the second place we visited we found the car. A nice Blue Daihatsu, with Auto and just about all the things we wanted on the list.

So we managed to do a part exchange with our old Ford Mondeo.

We have had the car a few years now so it is just showing its age. Firstly make a list and then Shop around until you find the car for you. Please if possible take a friendly mechanic with you to find the faults.

Good luck and Kindest Wishes



I have recently bought a second hand Citroen Picasso xsara, sorry can't spell the last bit!

It is an automatic, and cost about a thousand pounds, I just love it, no more gear changes, the most adaptable seat, it even raises up! Easy to get into, you just slide right in, and step out, loads of space, and quite economical, and with all my spine problems an amazing difference to me.

Also a really smooth quiet ride.

I hope this helps, best to try a few out, but I definitely recommend an automatic, and for me this one does the trick!

Good luck, Cazx


I recently got a motability car in June and we looked around and went for a Nissan Q'as quai. Best car I have EVER had. The ride height, the smooth drive, the reversing cameras for parking (so I dont have to turn around) etc. I know that you can pick up secondhand qashquai's for not a huge amount and for someone who has been searching for the perfect car for a long time, this has been a total blessing.