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doctors finally get their fingers out lol

evening all i finally got a list of all my ailments today, only been asking for the last 2 and a half weeks!!!! Not that they are important only need them to renew my DLA for beeps sake

hope your all well (well as can be)

xxx Sharon

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Whats your list sharon? We all seem to have lists, hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Sharon, glad you got your list. I got turned down for D.L.A im waiting on apeal. Im not to bad tonight thanks. Hugs hunni. Helen xx


I had DLA - then the powers that be decided I was not eligible any more. Now 'living' on £57 a week. Eating a main meal every other day - a beefburger with a small portion of frozen veg , but eating porridge every morning (2KG for 87p at Asda)

I wonder why I bother trying to stay alive. In truth, I'm in the process of sorting out my exit. Totally had enough after a lifetime of caring for others and wondering why this crap has happened to me.


Have just read your comments, PLEASE get help, start with your GP. If you can't tell him how you feel, write it down beforehand & let him read it whilst you sit there & do not leave til he has guided you.

I don't understand either why some people have much more than their fair share of life's problems. I know only too well the feeling of crawling to the top of the hill, only to find a ~*#!@# mountain there!

I am not religious, & not preaching, but I believe there is something else, much better than this now. This is a testing ground, "he coped with that, lets set another challenge" & at times I shout out "I've had enough, go pick on someone else!" But it is NOT your time to go yet! You deserve some good times & WILL get them.

I guess we all feel down at times, but you sound really bad & have worried me. Please get help & I hope you can get some comfort knowing that other people care about you. luv & hugs xxx


i totally second that I'm really worried too, please, please get some help this illness is a lot of things, but it should not beat us.



Dear THG123

How are you today? I didn't go to bed til nearly 4 am, keep thinking about you, don't do anything those who love you will regret.

Please let us all know you are "OK"! xx


hi when i first applied i got a letter back telling me all the things "that i can do" i sent them back a detailed and rather insulting letter i.e. i started by telling them that "reading your letter, i can only assume that you didn't even bother to read my appllication form". I then made a detailed list of the things that they said i can do with the reality of the things that i cannot do i.e. they said that you get a good nights sleep, WRONG i have not had a good nights sleep for years. I sent this back recorded delivery, and a few days later i received a phone call asking whether i wanted to appeal,or if i wanted them to look at my case again. I responded with that i wanted them to look at my case again. Long story short they sent a doc round who ended up saying that he could take my pain away, and i was awarded highest rate on both counts.

So please DON"T give up fight, fight don't let them get away with it and please DON'T think that life is over, whatever you do DON'T let them win.

I'm always here for you if you need me, get in touch anytime

love Sharon xxx


* he said he wished he could take my pain away xxx


*this is in response to THG123 xxx


THG123 hay please dont talk like that you are a worthy human being and you must not say things like sorting out my exit , think of the people who you will leave behind how awful they will feel you really must go to see your GP and tell them about the thoughts you are havig at the moment as you really need alot of support and help and by puttig that commet on here proves that

have you got frieds/family around you ? if you have you really need to sit them all down and explain to them what fibromyalgia is and ho it affects you you also need to get you GP or and your local citizes advice centre to see if they can help you with a claim for any beefits no one should be surviving how you are please please do these thigs and you will feel better about yourself we all come o here some days and feel like you but we just have to get on with it and find the streghth to carry on please come o here tommorrow and let us all know how you get on ad your not alone aymore would love to chat to you again soon love to you diddle xxx


Hi THG123. I can totally sympathise with the way you feel.Ive been in that place too and to be honest,dont know why Im still here.I planned everything.Wrote letters to my loved ones,put the car in my daughters name so she could sell it, emptied my bank account. I know exactly how,where and even when I would do it. But that time passed and like I said I dont know why Im still here. I now believe that its not my time, and if youre here confiding your feelings to us,it isnt your time either.Im not religious either but I believe there is a purpose to our being here,good or bad.As bad as youre feeling right now, you just dont know whats round the corner. Hang in there mate and if you need to scream, scream with us PLEASE.we're here for you always. hugs. Carol X


Hello all - still here. Greatful for your kind comments. Will be seeeing my care manager next week (she's bloody useless) to ask if there is anything else I can claim for. Didn't mean to cause a stir amongst you lovely people. Sorry for being a useless pain xx


don't ever fel like that you'll never be a pain to us

xxxx Sharon


Dear THG

So relived you are still alive & kicking! Go "kick some ass", start with your care manager!

Don't feel you are useless or a pain. Both untrue! We are always here for you.

How you feeling today? Goodness, it's now sunday gone 2am, hope to get a reply from you much later 'cause you should be asleep now!

What does THG stand for? I keep picturing in my mind the "thing" from the Adam's family!!! Lol

Take care, the shadow xx


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