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my update!!

Uncle Sids funeral today was a lovely tribute to a special man! Teagans mouth is less sore today and she is enjoying a new menu of mashed fruit, mashed potatoes and cheese, yoghurt or custard!! Fizz's tummy is healing well and she looking back to her old self. I get MRI results and operation descision on thursday. (Well the first two weeks of the school holiday have certainly exhausted me mentally and physically!!) lol love to all xxxxxx

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hello nadine hope things get better for you now take care love beth xx


thanks hun xx


awww hun what a few weeks you have had ! hope your ok im always at the end of the phone even if we cant get together :)

love and hugs xxxx


thanks hun, if im honest im sinking fast into big black hole of despair/depression!!!

will do a park trip soon and let the boys and teagan play so we can catch up xx


gentle hugs x


oh my oh my nadine, the school hols certainly got off to a flying start for you. i hope things calm down a bit and you can have some rest time, not easy with children i know.

Take care, thoughts and hugs

Jan xx


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