Is there anyone who gets.............pins and needles in there nose

Yes I find my nose gets pins and needles down the left hand side (sitting twitching nose) Now I do not thing I have R abit syndrom it is not encouraged by lettuce not indeed out of the blue I get this tingly twitching No I am not about to audition to be one of Santas reindeers.

Neither am I that totally annoying Tabitha the witch but the old probiscus does tingle and I find it very curios. I reckon that is about my whole body now Tip to toe come on Santa do some magic make us all feel good for Christmas, xgins

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  • yes, I get pins and needles in my nose. I have had migraine attacks since I turned 13, the doctor tells me this is how it now manifests itself.

  • I occasionally get pins & needles 'up' my nose! Very annoying, especially as there's very little room, what with my manager getting up my nose on a regular basis ...


  • I get it in my nose and everyone at home knows when I do as I rub frantically at it lol. They find it so funny, wonder if they would if it was them xxxxx

  • Yep me too! My face and nose as well as fingers & toes, down the shins and sometimes across my chest!! I suppose it's all the nerve pain...?

    Love your comment SootyB about your manager getting up your nose!!! Hope she's wound her neck in a bit now.


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