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High or low

I swear i'm going mad i get these real highs and feel on top of the world and then the next day i'm so low it's unbearable, it is becoming more frequent, my Paul is struggling to deal with it and i fear it could tear us apart. I think i would rather just have pain, i find it so difficult to keep my track of thought in busy areas and found yesterday so hard when trying to talk to Paul while we were in a shop because he kept moving round and i would lose my train of thought and therfore frustrated Him as well as me and it caused such tension between us. I find it difficult to hear if there is a lot of background noise or if too many people are talking at the same times that i end up Phasing out ,thankfully Paul can see what's happening and understands but i know i must seem so rude to people.

This bull about it not being a progressive syndrome because i have definatly become worse mentally and pain was as the years pass. Sometimes i feel like i just want to walk away somewhere with no noise and somewhere i can float and not be a burden to any one.

A severly overwhelmed Rachel xxxx

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Summer is deffinately better for me ... This sudden change into autumn with the drop in temp makes me ache in places I didn't know I had .... Probably cos they are well covered with fat.

My husband says he doesn't know why he asks me questions cos I never answer what he asks.....thankfully he doesn't mind.... Though he does sometimes stare in amazement when 5 mins after he has asked me a question and got no reasonable answer I ask him the same question and swear blind he didn't just ask me that.... I hope it's fibro fog and not Alzheimer's as I really don't want another illness.....thinking of that and not meaning to be offensive... Its the way i cope with fibro......If I couldnt remember I had fibro .... Would I still be in pain????

VG x


OOOh that's a good one so i only have to forget the right things lmao. Paul does cope normaly but because i am twitching so bad in my sleep i'm stopping him from sleeping which makes him so irritable ( which i do understand). i have decided that the nights he is here i will sleep on the sofa and use the bed when he is on nights as i can sleep well enough on the sofa and due to not working i can take it easy but we rely on his work i see that him sleeping is more important.

Do you suffer from severe night twitching??? i'm normally happy to be different but on this one i do hope i'm not on my own hehehe

Take care xxxx



Fortunately due to my night meds I usually sleep and I haven't found my OH on the bedroom floor yet so I am guessing I don,t .... Though he did complain of a large unexplained bruise on his leg a few days ago ... I must admit it is a good bruise but I have perfected my innocent face.... So if I did kick him in the night I really don't know. I get restless legs early evening but by the time I have taken my night meds listened to my relaxation stuff they have stopped. I am really sorry you have this cos sleep deprivation / constant interruption is horrible


VG x


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