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Fibro Conference - Do you have any questions?


Hello everyone

As some of you know I'm going to the Fibro Conference in Chcichester in April. I know that feels like months away but I'm starting my preparation now and wanted to ask you all to have a think about anything you'd like me to ask/look into. And I mean ANYTHING! There will be speakers from America I believe and lots of fitness/health and diet tips.

Get your thinking caps on :)

Karen xx

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Hi smartcarkaz

Thank you so much for the kind offer, and I was wondering about headaches? I have noticed that the amount of members (myself included) coming on the forum and asking about headache issues has increased exponentially.

It would appear that more and more of us are suffering from headaches which are being put down as either, Fibro, Migraines, cluster headaches, constant pain killer use headaches, the list is endless! I was wondering if there was a connection between Fibro and severe reoccurring headaches?

If so, what exactly are they? Are they simply Fibro? Or is something more specific? Such as a Fibro Migraine? (that sounds weird). I would be really interested on knowing what the thinking is on this topic?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Good point, I'm always told it's stress related. xx

Good point, I'm always told it's stress related. xx


Is the conference being held in Chichester, West Sussex, if so is it ticket only or can we get hold of one or two? I have relatives that way and to be honest anything extra I can learn about this condition has got to be good? Sorry to ask so many questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Here is the link to the site fibromyalgiaconference.weeb...

It'd be great if we could get some fellow FibroAction members there. Let me know if you decide to go!

Karen xx

Hi I would love to know why it isn't taken seriously when so many people have exactly the same same symptoms and why they are drug resistant. I hope you have an informative time and am well jealous. I would love to be a fly on the wall :o)

I would love to know what research is being done on the subject and if the results of this research is being fed to gp's and other professionals? Such as relation to thyroid? Vit D deficiency? Etc.,

smartcarkaz in reply to gilford

Good question. I'm currently taking part in a small study with Surrey Uni testing a gluten free diet. I start gluten free next week so will feed back to you all in a few weeks when it's finished. I agree though, much more research needs to be done, it's quite shocking how little there is xx

Hi Karen

I have got quite a few food intolerance issues. If and when I eat something that is on my 'forbidden' list (without me knowing the ingredients of the meal), I get severe migraine which spreads mainly to my neck and shoulders and leaves me in agony for days. I had blood tests done and several elimination diets, so I normally know what foods to avoid.

I have not heard about other fibro patients complaining about intolerances. Will you ask about this please.

Kind regards


smartcarkaz in reply to Nita7

Of course, there'll be lots of other people asking questions too so I think this may well come up more than once! xx

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