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Eventful week

Hi all not written anything for a while, as been feeling bad, physically and mentally. I have been on reading what you have been saying, some made me laugh some made me cry!

Anyway, in the space of a week I saw a new Rheumo, and a new GP that I have only seen a couple of times. Well it was really eventful seeing them both, firstly the Rheumo arranged for my hip and knee to be x-rayed. He was only going to do the hips, but I asked him to do my knee as there have been no tests on my knees since 1993, AND he actually listened!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully the x-rays showed no serious damage, but he did say that my cartlidge in my knee was wearing away. I mentioned that the painkillers (tramadol, co-codamol, pregabalin and citalopram, a antidepressant with pain relieving qualities) only took the edge off, he said he didn't want to give me more pills because he thinks I don't need anymore side effects. So he is referring me to the pain clinic, the first to even mention this in the 30yrs that I have been suffering!!!!!!!!!

Secondly the new GP seems to be listening!!! She is really concerned about the way that my words get muddled and the violent jerks that are getting worse. So rather than being referred to the neurologist as the waiting list is long, she has booked me in for a brain scan!!!! She said it is most likely down to this dreadful disease, but she has this niggling feeling in the back of her head that it could be something else.

So maybe after all these years, being told it was growing pains, no idea, and one prat telling me that everyone gets aches and pains but some people can deal with it better!!!! I got 2 people that actually understand the disease and what I am going through.

Hope everyone is as well as can be

gentle hugs

Sharon xx

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That's really great that you got such a result!! I bet that you felt better because someone actually listened to you! It makes a change from being told off or sneered at! Good luck with your next appointments x


What wonderful news! Let's hope that more good things come from these visits as you have certainly got more than your fair share of worries at the mo. What a difference it makes when somebody listens and cares enough to help. Jane x


Like you I was having some really bizarre problems, especially with words. I seem to have developed a weird stutter, I say a part of a word about 5 times before I can get the whole word out and when I read words I see a different word than the one that is actually there. Like the cancel button at the bottom, I keep mis-reading it as cancer. My balance problems were off the wall. I was referred to neuro and in the space of 6 weeks, had head/neck/spine MRIs, nerve conduction studies and so many blood tests I feared they were actually going to bleed me dry. But all to no avail, it turns out is is the Fibro doing it. So try not to worry. A lot of GPs do think further ahead when we start having more severe problems. I may have to go back to neuro in 12 months, just to keep a check on things xxxxx


It is good that you have now found some helpful Doctors it makes all the difference xx


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