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Positive and negative

Hi there all am really suffering at the mo. am going to have to stop one of the supplements my nutritionist has given me. Even with going from 3 to 1 tablets which make you go to the loo it has an awful effect on me and I just can't cope with it. Can't get away from the loo so that one is going out the window. I had a kinesiology session with her on Friday which left me in terrible pain the next day,could hardly lift my right arm which really didn't help as I started my counselling course on Saturday. I really enjoyed the actual course and the people were really lovely but the pain was very bad and I felt quite sick too. I stuck with it for the day but I felt so unwell in the evening and not much better yesterday. Am I going to be able to do this?? I don't think have a kinesiology session the previous day was a good idea although I was due to have it Thursday but nutritionist had double booked. I had also had my equine therapy in the morning and my horse was really playing me up,kept putting his head down to eat grass pulling me so hard and really hurting me:(. I'm not going to that again as I need all my money for the counselling course and also therapy I have to have each week while I'm on the course. Emotionally I feel very able to do the course but can I cope physically and is there a way to separate my emotions from the pain so I don't get overwhelmed with the pain so I can continue with the course.

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, but your worry about whether you are going to be able to do the course is natural.. It is stressful to begin any new course and it is natural that starting a counselling course in particular will feel particularly stressful. It would not be helpful for you or your clients to separate your emotions from your health - you couldn't do that even if you wanted to, you can't stop your body from feeling! A fear of being overwhelmed suggests you some support in coping with the stress at this time.

Is there support built into the course?

As a trained therapist I know how scary it was for me to tell my trainers how stressful I was finding starting the course, but if you feel comfortable to do so it may help to talk things through briefly with one of them.

If not, then seeing a counsellor privately or via your GP is likely to be supportive.



Thanks Sue as part of the course we have to see a therapist weekly which I have in place already. I was able to bring my existing counsellor with me,am seeing her tonight Infact :) yes I know it's not possible to separate emotions from pain but I think you can stop your emotions getting carried away by pain,thankfully I am able to do that although not all the time. I'm hoping as time goes on it will get easier for me. Everyone there was very supportive of me which was so lovely,the tutors included,I am so very lucky,I hope they can remain as supportive through the course and that I don't become a pain!


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