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fibro Vs DLA update

Hi fellow fibro sufferes

Just an update of my fight wiv dla i hav now been told by the doctor i hav cfs and severe depression as i am ready to giv up my fight wiv the dla as i now hav been refused 4 times and thats with it goin to a tribrunial but i am not goin to giv up but wanted to know if i can appeal the decision from the courts or is that it end ov story got an appointment wiv welfare rights nxt week but just wanted to know before i wasted my time goin to see welfare rights and they say there is no more they can do

many thanx sore and very depressed scotsman

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Have you had help with the forms when you filled them in previously ? I've found it's not only what you say, but how you say it.

Did you have a copy of the guidelines from benefits and works ( available from here by contacting admin ) when you filled out your DLA form ?

I think you can only challenge an appeal at a higher tribunal on a point of law, but still worth asking Welfare Rights to have a look .


hi i know you can appeal to the upper tribunal if they havnt given you a reason for their decision which they didnt give me so i have appealed still waiting though to hear back and that was in july good luckx


you have now been dx'd with cfs and severe depression - so, as your condition has worsened, you can claim again. do use the benefits & work info.fill in the health conditions part and give it to your gp so he can write a support letter. ask him to send it to you to go in your appeal or claim pack [make copies] ask consultants to do same.

good luck,



Do Not Give Up never give up you will find the strength from somewhere xx


Keep fighting, that is all we can do x


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