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Finding a way through all these stupid rules

I have had to claim carers allowance as my daughters main carer, hence then I get income support as well. Did online form yesterday for CA, and telephone for income support. Went to interview today, and the lady I saw, so lovely, was in shock. She could not believe I had no points, and could see just how much pain and discomfort I was in. We read through what I had said on the phone then I signed the forms. Then she said to her colleague, is the public lift working, she was told no, she said fine I will take Mrs ******** up to her interview in the staff lift. And she did. Took me right to the seat and asked was I okay from there. The the other lady came over to get me, and waited for me to catch her up and then the interview began. She, like the other lady, was completely shocked. She did not bother going through the forms and went on to ask me why I was carer for my daughter, so I explained my daughter illness and she asked about mine. She sat there agog. She gave me a booklet for the carers centre and said I could go. She took me back slowly to the staff lift and I went out fo the front of the building. She said I do not have to see her again for three years and I will not be sent to work. So in that sense it is a result. But I would rather have been believed by the ATOS doctor and then could have avoided an unnecessary tribunal and a complete waste of money. But another good thing to come out of it is that now we are entitled to help via the council to adapt things where necessary for our daughters safety even though it is our own home. So right now I am feeling tickety-boo.

love to you all


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that is wonderful, it just goes to show there are caring people out there willing to listen and believe the truth, so glad more is being done to help your daughter and make life a bit easier for you, it must be good for you too have the weight lifted off your shoulders too, xxJ


wonderful! and I echo irisjoy's comments.




That is such good news - well done xx


That was a right result - well done. I am glad you are going to get some help xx gins


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