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prolapse O.P

i have front and rear prolapse-only stage 1. the gyne wants to operate. initially she said she would do it under a spinal and was only doing bladder. when i went to pre-assessment the dr had consented me for both under a G.A. i rang to question this today and was told sometime they discover it is necessary to both-hence consent gainned rather than having to undertake a 2 nd o.p. i am a little concerned though as i have a connective tissue disorder along the line s of sle and 2 ndry fibeo. has anyone else had this o.p. i am 36

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Hi. I haven't had this op but if you are really worried go back and express your concerns or get a second opinion. It would be better to get it out of the way and have both at once, don't you think? I am sure they must know about your other health issues.

Piggie hugs xxxx


I have had a similar op due to pro lapse of the womb, which was pulling my bladder out of position. It was done from the inside and I had no stiches. I went back to work after 3 months which was prob to soon. It took about a year really for everything to re-arrange itself inside to fill the gap. But there was no pain after 3 months. Hope this helps.. ps I was 55 ish when I had it done.


I had a prolapse of the anterior wall (ie front) of the vagina. I was offered an op but asked about alternatives; I underwent an intensive course of physiotheraphy (twice a week for 6 months) and that did the trick - I now have amazing control over my vaginal muscles even 18 years later. The prolapse got put in it's place wonderfully.

Julie xx

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i ve had phsyio not intensive -just pelvic fllor excerises


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