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Pre op

Hi all does anyone else suffer from medical phobia? Been put to sleep or taking medication is a major problem form.

12 months ago I was gowned up and ready to have a biopsy done and became so scared I got off the trolly dressed and had my hubby take me home.

Now I realised at the time my life could be on the line (uterine cancer) but the fear of the tiny op even overoad the fear of death. And that's my greatest fear dying. Anyway I go again tmw for another pre op and i'm guessing it will only be a few days later I will be called for the biopsy.

Does anyone else suffer like this and if so how do you get throught it thank you in advance for any replies.


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Yes I am absolutely petrified of the hospital, and would do the same as you even though I am so scared of dying it's bad.



Hi mo i have agoraphobia i have had it for over 30 yrs. i had to have a cataract removed last week but they gave me a sedative and it really helped me. When you go for your pre op they will know all about your last visit and hopefully discuss things like sedation or hopefully your gp will give you a sedative before you go good luck tomorrow rosie xx


You really do need to weigh up the consequences of not having the op against the fact that you could become very ill, I am the biggest coward when it comes to anesthesia but on balance I will always go with medical advice, I too have had a few close calls. Do discuss all your fears with the staff they will understand fully what you are going through and put you at ease. And don't forget we are all here and many of us do know how you are feeling, let us know how you get on. Lou xxx


Thank you for all your support. The hospital understand all my fears and what happened last year. They were very understanding and I am sure they will do there best to get me to theatre this time.

Hi there rosie You give me great hope and some one to focus on thank you for your understanding.

Hi there lou I hear what you say but having the kind of phobia I have go's beyond understanding. But I am going to just focus on the moment and hope all go's to plan.

Rosie I am ok taking sedatives which I need not only for the phobias but my pain so I will be taking a mild dose until I get the date for the biopsy. which I am sure will be very soon after tmw.

Thanks again to you both for your support and advice.

love Mo


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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No. But my son is facing the same. I would advise you to have a pre op or ask your Dr for some Diazepam to take prior to the op. If you're less nervous you're more likely to go through with it. Good luck xx

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I know how nervous I would be and I am pretty sure that I would do the same thing.

When I think of what am I actually scared of - the potential for pain - it makes me realise that it is a normal reaction.

For me, I would have to be in a lot of pain before I could bring myself to have an operation.


Once again thank you all for your replies. I would have updated yesterday but just not up to it sorry. I have great news though. I was booked in to see the Gyno guy before filling in the pre op forms so I was feeling ok with that as I knew I would not be taken anywhere but home afterwards no theatre I new that would be a later date.

WRONG lol the guy I saw was the guy I had been under for the last year and this was the first time I had actually seen him! He was lovely. He said look I have read the notes and understand the situation. There is one thing we could try??

I had the biopsy done the doctor said

I could give you 2 small injections in to the cervix and see if it would numb it enough to let us proceed. The whole procedure will take less than 10 mins. But if you find the pain is too much we will stop at once and go back to the original plan of putting you to sleep.

OK I said I am up for that when would this be done he said now I said WHAT NOW he started laughing yes now what do you say shall we try.

So that's what we did my hubby was on one side holding my hand a nurse holding the other and talking about anything that came in to her her head to distract me. Did I feel yes I did but I hung in there and he got his pictures and his biopsy and I finally got the worry of 12 months of my shoulders.

He said he was happy with what he saw in the surrounding area we just need to wait for the results of the biopsy. I go to see him again on the 1st Dec.

I have to say i have had the worst sleep if you can call it that last night for some long time. I woke with mega left sided back/hip pain yesterday. The procedure of how I was positioned yesterday as just made it a 100 times worse. At least they got what they needed and I did not have to be put to sleep Yipppee.

But as I asked the question if this option was available to me why was i not offered it a year ago ???? In stead of re testing and re scanning and at one point bringing me in for theatre. Why not just do this in the first place. No answer to that i'm afraid. But the Doctor and nurses at DRI was wonderful with me yesterday and i have nothing but praise for them and their complete understanding of my zero level to pain due to the Fibromyalgia.

Sorry it is so long.

Love Mo


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