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Received my P45!!

Well received my P45 from the government on Friday!! No more ESA. As far as I know my second appeal through CAB is still ongoing?

So on Friday afternoon I attempted to apply for Jobseekers Allowance online. When you get to the second page it asks "have you just been refused ESA?" What a telling question!! If so then you can only apply for JA by telephone. I then spent an hour on the telephone for someone to answer :-( Gave up at 6.10pm as apparently they close at 6pm. So yesterday morning I spent about 40 mins completing the online application with an explanation as to why I had to do this, even tho I had been receiving ESA. Thing is, going on holiday on Tuesday (I didn't pay for it), got letter from bank yesterday to say I was overdrawn! ESA letter says I stopped getting paid on 18 took a month to tell me. And yesterday also received a letter from local authority to say..' they have been advised that I am no longer receiving ESA, so they have put a frieze on my community tax benefit'. Honestly WTF!!!! I am a divorced single parent with no other income... are they trying to throroughly break us??? I even applied online for jobs yesterday....but didn't hide the facts about my illness. I'm waiting to hear on the news about the Benefit Budget going down and the Unemployed Numbers going up!! Do you think the spin-doctors will tell us why?

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So sorry its not good for you at minute it really is a nightmare and cannot understand how things can just come to a close without much warning and of course why not keep updated from Dr's and why do these things only last a year??? Is your illness not life long so no questions should be asked!!

What about working from home?

I am struggling but not to your extent, however my brain is constantly whizzing on new ideas if i am unable to continue what i am doing!

I hope you get something sorted soon! I have noticed blogs with respect to help like Turn2us and try CAB let them sort things out.

We are going through it all at minute with benefits only i am self-employed and got ppl doing my job but thats my wage gone. Xxx


hi wots community tax benefit?it isnt housing benefit is it?o.m.g im dreading it now if we lose appeal on weds?

i really hope you get something sorted asap?you will get j.s.a but then they pull you in for interview and tell you to claim e.s.a again.have you applied for a loan of them too?good luck now im stressing?x


sammy38, I don't have to pay community tax. Low income and daughter at school.

REALLY!.... they put you back on ESA???? What a mess this government is making.


i didnt mean do you have to pay it?i meant is there a difference between that and housing benefit/?sorry?just asking?

yep i totally agree with you.also get in touch with your local mp and complain to him they can help if they want your votes?


I tried that before my appeal... perhaps will contact him again. Don't know but think it's sepparate from housing benefit.


thanks...good luck..


Hi Ruth, I am so very sorry that you find yourself in this awful predicament. As Cazzie says above do get yourself some support from one of your local agencies who have the experience and ability to guide you through this nightmare. It sounds like you really need their help. Take care.

Jane x


Do you mean CAB? I have already been to them and they launched a second appeal, yet this has happened. I don't know who else to try. I'm going to try and put it out of my mind for the week I am on holiday. What a homecoming I will have! :-)


Try to enjoy the rest of your holiday. All best wishes. Jane x


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