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stopped smoking

I gave up smoking nearly 4 weeks ago as i was assured that it would reduce the fibro symptoms and as i had skin cancer very recently (successfully removed i'm happy to say) and watch my father get really ill this year with copd thought i needed to stop for health reasons (that and my little girl come home from her first day at school and tell me that when you smoke mummy it gets in your lungs and you will die and i will be sad forever if you die huge tug at heart strings) but although i don't want to start again have not found the symptons reduced if anything it has flared up even more not really sure why but it has so am justwondering if this takes a while to kick in or doesn't work for everyone?

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Can't help you with the wondering about stopping symptoms but.... I have never smoked in my life and got fibro and my husband has c.o.p.d. And has never smoked either neither did our families... So I am crossing my fingers for you that it helps but try not to get down and go back to smoking if it doesn't cos you have so many reasons to stay a non smoker now

Wishing you all the best

VG xx


I have stopped smoking in the past and found whilst it helps the Emphysema it did not help the fibro. But you have all those nicotine hungry gremlins in your brain screaming for a fix so I guess that does not help. Keep up the good work xxxxx Lin


well done sleepy2!

my Dad smoked from aged 9 to 55! he had a heart attack and had to stop.

he bought those licquorice twigs cut them ciggie size and used them to successfully stop - he said you need something to keep your mouth and hands busy. many people tried this and it helps.

keep up the good work.




Hi, I've just stopped, I use an e ciggy there brill, tiny tiny mount of man made nicotine in, a. Puff every now and again perfect

Good luck nicki xxx


I dont know the answer to this.. other than I just want to say a huge congratulations to you... such a star.. xxx


Hi, I stopped smoking 3.5 years ago after 26 years of smoking and have never felt well since!! have had ME for 14 years and Fibro for about 3.5!! I would never go back to smoking and dont know if its because I have never in my grown up life dealt with any stresses without a cigarette and now I have to, my body isnt used to it!!! hey ho keep off the ciggies your doing well xxx


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