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morning fibrofreinds

just a update my fibro has settled down again due to abad flare up 2 weeks back , my op went well and my ankle feeling better ,got the stapless out last week but left a lovley scare ,,on both sides , due to visite hospital again in 3 weeks for a review ,

to top it off iv know got to have exray on back of kneck and shoulders ,

put in for a bungalow with the council really struggling with stairs andgetting in the shower , got to see a person from speacle needs to review me befor i go on list so dont no how long i will have to wait to get moved , sooner the better i think , ,

all have a good day and pace yourself to .xxx

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Morning tinker bell, good luck with the bungalow, u sound like you need it

Take nicki xxxx rest that foot too xx


hi seems like things are moving forward for you albeit slowly, my Mum is now in a bungalow with a wet room and it has made a big difference to her life. as for the xrays well it will be good for you to know how things are going and could help with your treatment. I have paced myself a little too well today and have spent the day at my daughters sitting around waiting for the plasterer to finnish, oh well the paperwork will till be there tomorrow. warm hugs x


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