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Morning ,

Morning , got my letter today from tribunal and been put in wrag group, now my question is, how long does this last? And how do I know if it's contribution or income related?

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Hi there, I think you will get a letter from the jobcentre fairly soon to meet you. At that initial interview I would ask on what basis it is given and for how long. I think mine was indefinite, but I honestly can't remember but it's nearly two years ago now. Sorry not to be of more help :o

Foggy x


Hi. Well done! When I got my letter from tribunal it said on there "not to be reassessed for another 12 months" if you worked before applying ESA and your husband/partner works then I think it is contribution based, if your on your own and you were on another benefit before claiming ESA then it's lightly to be income related. hope this makes sense!



Hi smileydave10

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Just wanted to say congratulations to you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Cogratulations smileydave, nice to here good news.


Hi Dave

You have been given some useful advice and a good link from offcut.

You could also check out this should explain the basics and also you'll be able to check if there is anything else you are eligible for.

There also a few good links for support if needed on this link to the benefits setion of our mother site

Sending you sunshiny fluffies filled with sunshiny smiles and hope the links are useful for you

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Well, you're lucky to have been informed that you are in that group. I have only spoken to someone by phone from DWP regarding benefit changes, but both times I had just got out of hospital following heart surgery, then a bad chest infection. This was back in February 2013, and I was told I would be contacted again once I had recuperated, and she would call me to arrange a home visit, since I wouldn't be able to go to them.

SO, this mongth, no benefit, since I had been put in the group which means I get benefits for just ONE YEAR - which I had no knowledge of!! I contacted a Welfare officer, who thankfully negotiated with the council to get council tax/rent reduction, and also called DWP, to say I had not been asessed/advised and could I appeal

SO I did appeal, but their reply was that I was too late to appeal since this decision was made in February 2013 (One month BEFORE I was scheduled to go into hospital for heart surgery. You can imagine what a great effect all this has had on my fibromyalgia - can't manage to keep my pain controlled and worrying in case they also take my DLA!!! This stinks - [Edited by Admin] [Removed as per FibroAction Guidelines & HU Terms of Use]


Hello Smileydave10,

Congratulations, please find this factsheet from Disability Rights UK which may be of interest;

As far as I am aware from Benefits & Work website most people are assessed regularly ie; 1-2 years, here's some information;

I hope this helps

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Emma it's bigger smiley Dave now, they awarded this for 2 years


Thanx for the info. My head is totally mashed, I can't take in all the information and many of the helpline numbers are premium rate which I just cannot afford. Seems they've got us over a barrel.

Not sure if I have understood, but think I saw that the ESA should not be stopped if claiming DLA which I am claiming higher rate component. I just don't have the energy to fight this I really don't. :-(


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