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I have often wondered what triggers fibro?

In my case I thought it was chemotherapy or my road accident or the traumatic birth of my son!?

However after doing a bit of research on this subject like we all do I came across this information which makes for very interesting and fascinating reading

I thought I would share what I found ( information that they do not tell us!)

I hope everyone will be able to have a look at the link?,

I am sure you will all find this information very interesting in deed!

Please do read both page 1 and 2 it is a bit heavy going but maybe will answer some of the questions we all have unanswered?! Or they won.t answer?!

It seems to me there maybe be a bit of a cover up and conspiracy going on between governments and pharmaceutical company's?!

Conspiracy theory comes To mind!!

I know this might sound controversial in some people's minds but I feel it needs to be in the open.

It will be very interesting to read what everyone thinks to this?

Happy reading and soft hugs to all xxx,

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I've read it (between my flashing lights in my eyes!) and WOW its something I've wondered all along. I've always thought that Fibro etc... Isn't invisible to tests its just invisible to the tests available to our run of the mill GP's. Most of the time the GP's Practice can not afford more detailed research into a patient so therefore have to rely on what is available.....which in many cases is like trying to spot an atom with the naked eye! Its there but not visible untill its looked at more closely.

I'm wondering if my GP would be interested in this link as she seems quite knowledgeable on Fibro so far. At least she doesn't dismiss it!

Thankyou so much for this link.

My brain hurts now though. I'm off for a lay down haha

Xx hugs xx


I am so pleased this link is helping, xx I would definitely pass it on to your gp and any one else so they can have a better understanding how we all feel with this fibro, and maybe then they may sit up and listen! Good luck and best wishes I hope you can get a good result from using the link, soft hugs xx


I forgot to add........brain fog lol! And then they can realise also it is.nt just in our heads it is all over our bodies!! Lol............. Soft hugs xxx


Well thank you, thank you so very much for this link. I can totally buy in to this as fact. After 7 years of no luck with medics and a diagnosis by exclusion, loss of house, job and dignity later, I do believe in the conspiracy stuff. My first signs of fibro were masked by an anti depressant called citalopram which acts as a muscle relaxant. I was given it six months after a serious RTA where I recieved whiplash, and as I was my fathers carer 6 months after being incapacitated he died. The death made me very miserable like it was all in vain and the gp happily prescribed the citalopram which then masked the development of the fibro. Every time i came off the citalopram i couldnt write my name or use my hands very well and the muscle spasms worsened. I am aslo "double jointed" and am led to believe from rheumatology that such folk are more predisposed to fibro. I am glad I linked my accident to the fibro, and after a 5 year court battle eventually got a sum to help me survive my "lay" years such as now when I am unable to be employed. I am going to see about the blood test from NZ as I too have had trouble with kicking in my pensions.

Thank you so much.

I do believe your mind might be kind of like mine, by your reading matter and blog. I do hope one day we all get our bodies back to match our minds!

Love :) NN


Hi NordicNavajo,

Thank you for your post, I am so sorry you have had such a hard time, so many of us have had incredible battles with this fibro, it tears you up and spits you out!! In more ways than one!

And feels like it is never ending!?

I am so pleased you found the blog interesting I hope it can help you in many ways?

And yes our minds do seem similar,

My mind is very willing but my body or well that is another story! Lol;)) I am sure you understand?,

The site I got the info from is incredibly interesting and mind provoking if you click on all the links on it to do with fibromyalgia the myoplasma comes up every time, it makes you wonder does.nt it?

Take care and best wishes

Soft hugs xxx


Hi again, I also found this page I thought it would make interesting reading for you too if you have.nt seen it already

It explains a little bit more about myoplasma and what effects it has on us and what it causes ,

I hope you can find it of interest? it is fascinating and quite an eye opener!

Happy reading xxx


my recent mri came back clear yet I have extreme fatigue and fibro.



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