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I have often wondered what triggers fibro?

In my case I thought it was chemotherapy or my road accident or the traumatic birth of my son!?

However after doing a bit of research on this subject like we all do I came across this information which makes for very interesting and fascinating reading

I thought I would share what I found ( information that they do not tell us!)

I hope everyone will be able to have a look at the link?,

I am sure you will all find this information very interesting in deed!

Please do read both page 1 and 2 it is a bit heavy going but maybe will answer some of the questions we all have unanswered?! Or they won.t answer?!

It seems to me there maybe be a bit of a cover up and conspiracy going on between governments and pharmaceutical company's?!

Conspiracy theory comes To mind!!

I know this might sound controversial in some people's minds but I feel it needs to be in the open.

It will be very interesting to read what everyone thinks to this?

Happy reading and soft hugs to all xxx,

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Fascinating reading thanks xgins


gins I am pleased you found it fascinating:))

I have just found another link on the myoplasm, again it is fascinating

I hope you can all read it and wonder? Xx


Oh my goodness, so in laymens terms it was a hidden experiment years ago that's caused our condition plus others too? That's unbelievable but not surprising, how do we get this information out there?

Regards nicki xxx


Hi Homer,

I would love to get this info circulating to the right people, but who do we send it too?

Will they listen?

Any one got any ideas?

Is it Mr Cameron we send it too?

If the theory is correct yes it does sound like we were an experiment? And they are keeping hush about it!

It needs to be in the open and sent to gp.s and politicians everywhere! What do you think?

And it sounds like if we were given antibiotic therapy we may be able to rid our body.s of this micro organism! If we do have it in us? It would be very interesting to see what everyone thinks?

Soft hugs xx


Thank you so much for sharing this most interesting link! :-)


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