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Can I hear the words "I told you so"????

Right, more fool me for living like a 'normal' person!

I said it ....Fibro.....would catch up with me, and it has, sooner than I was expecting :-(

I had a rotten nights sleep, my bed looks like I've been at a slumber party! I awoke to an incredibly stiff body. My back is very stiff and sore and my hip....well im sure it should belongs geriatric person, not me! (im only 43) mind you according to my kids I Am a Geriatric!!

I wouldn't care I didn't over do it yesterday either. but I have been enjoying my relatively normal body and my push bike a little too much! And now I have the dreaded 'flu' pains everywhere and im thinking a body cast seams a good idea to sort my body out, stiff muscles and loose joints are a very odd combination.

Well im sorry to say but it looks like I have an important appointment with the sofa that is going to last ohh errr maybe 6 hours?? This afternoon I have the kids at the opticians to pick their specks up, well at least we are getting a lift from a friend! I couldn't cope with busses today :-(

Now I awate my friend good old Jezza on ITV1

have a good day everyone xx love flips

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I know exactly how you feel. Helped my family out at a craft show on Saturday and have felt like I have been hit by a truck ever since (I know it's going to take at least a couple of days to calm down). Problem is I know stuff like that is going to cause me problems but I do it anyway as I get so frustrated with my body. I find a hot shower or bath helps ease the stiffness.

Hope it calms down for you soon.


Can I join you.... I decided to paint a small fence last weekend before the winter sets in.... Did it and looked at it with pride .... Aha thought my body pride come before a flare up and am paying for it.... What is it with us women in our 40's with fibro....we suddenly feel our age do something any 40 something would do and then spend a week or so in the body of a 70 year old. I live in a set of roads all bungalows mainly oap owners and 90 percent of them stop to ask how I am while marching to the shops .. Walking dogs .... JOGGING....ah well will spend the morning with Jeremy Kyle too.


Good old Jezza, his guests always make me smile....cringe! And I usually end up feeling very happy with my lot after the show haha. I agree most 90 yr olds can do more than us at times! My Dad is 70 and fit as a fiddle :-/


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