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i need sleep 2 hours again

morning guys yep im awake again 2 hours sleep this time till the jerks woke me up again, been on amitrytiline put on trazadone there worse my mind races didnt get any sleep with those, back at docs monday see whats next for me to take, i need sleep cant go on like this? is anyone on anything different whats good for a nights sleep?


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Yup well for me anyway... I get 7 hours of sleep a night and that deffinately helps to cope with the day no matter how bad the day is sleep helps. I was like you not sleeping till the early hours then cat napping waking every 30 mins or so. Went to my lovely gp ... Now retired and he put me on 75 mg dosulepin and 0.5mg of clonezapam that's an anti depressant and a low dose muscle relaxant.. Bingo the anti depressants help me feel a little better to cope in the day the muscle relaxant lets me relax into sleep the result a good nights sleep. Now I have a new gp apart from reducing me to tears on friday he wants to take me off the clonezapam saying it will cut 6 months off my life ... Sorry but without it I don't have a life so to me 6 months less means nothing. I am off to find new gp on Monday as we don't need unnecessary stress added to our condition


Hi there


Fms is soo hard due to lots of problems, but it can be managed. I only got diagn in may when it was totally out of control now I feel I'm beginning to get control.

I take 25 mg amitripyline at nite to help sleep an nerve pain

3 x baclofen strong muscle relaxan extremely bad spasms

10 mg duloxetine 1x lunch to help sleep and pain

Also massage 1 x week

Chiro 1 x month

And I'm lookin into hydro therapy

This combination works for me, but we are all different so a good gp should recongnise what problems u have the most and start there to take control. Last year if u told me I would feel better I wouldn't have believed it .

Giving up my job was soo sad and hard I had my dream job, but I was too ill, and when u do start to feel better don't rush Iin thinking u can do it all again as u will be back to bring ill . Between meds and life style changes I haven't felt this good in years, pacing and taking things slowly now where as before I was going 100 mph now it's maybe 10 mph but I get there eventually lol

Take care Michelle


thanks so much for your replies, much appreciated, im at docs tomorrow so ill keep you posted.

take care xxx


Hi there,i take 100mg Amitriptyline at night, i tried Zopiclone and temazepan but they didn't help went to the sleep clinic but no help there either.

The god send for me is pregablin,

75mg ,3 times s day.

For the first time in years. I can sleep ,so i can now function during the day.

Hope you get something which helps.

Take care,Sandu.


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