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MRI scan

Well today I go for my MRI to see if my back is another problem rather than my fibro, dr thinks its oastioarthritis. I'm on citalipram in a morning with parasetamol and tramadol and amitriptalyn at night and so far it worked for a few week but no joy since :( . So I'm hoping today's scan will help and show up something that the dr's know what meds will work best and maybe I can have just a little restbite from this pain.

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Good luck x


Yes, good luck Suie and let us know how you get on. Jane x


Thanks guys, well didn't get the MRI but had an hours chat with consultant, to be fair he has helped me feel better by explaining fibro to me in simple terms, and gave me hope that when I do go for the scan it will help me with my stress and depretion as it hopefully cancels out anything else wrong. I think with fibro , aruthuritis, calpol tunnel and sciatica don't think anything else can go wrong! But I'm feeling more hopeful as he seems to be getting things sorted for me to have support to get back to work, I hope I get it too miss working so much :( x


Good Luck it is a simple proceedure and hopefully they will be able to see your problem :)

This is a silent nasty with many add ons as you know thank goodness for this site where we are all in the same boat! Chin up x gins


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