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Happy Birthday, Eric!

Happy Birthday, Eric!

It's my pain's first birthday! Exactly 1 year ago today, my pain started to be with me on a constant basis. I'm not sure if this is usual - to be able to pinpoint it so exactly - but I can. I also thought that it was about time my pain had a name, as he appears to have grown attached to me over the last 12 months, and have decided upon Eric - eternal ruler - as that's what he regularly tries to be!

So, Happy 1st Birthday, Eric - have a ball, and enjoy your present (see left)!

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I think I'd have a few other choice words for it I probably could'nt print here flip it xxxxx tell Eric no-body needs him and to stop sending his cousins around the world to torture everybody ha Hope he gives you a nice weekend xx


I'm afraid Eric has been called a few things that might be against forum rules if I wrote them here! He's also had a stern talking to, but I'm afraid - like many of our male counterparts (sorry, gents!) - he seems to have selective hearing! ;)

Gentle hugs xx


I call the big tree spider in my bathroom eric. there have been many erics over the years. we play a game, I catch in my eric-catching jam jar and drop him out the window; eric climbs back up and back in again!

wouldn't it be good if we could throw your eric and his cousins out of the window even if only for 1 night?



don't get him a cake or he'll never want to go!


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