Far infrared Thermal therapy

Ok I've been researching for many years now and tried lots of suggestions. I've finally been making some progress thanks to a clinic I go to in Reading Berkshire. The last couple of visits have involved using a bio mat, which gives far infra red, and found it really beneficial.

My mum gave me some money yesterday and I've committed myself to far infrared thermal therapy (FITT). It has meant buying a coccoon, which i've committed to really quickly before my husband allocates money to other things and I find I can't afford it again. (I don't think he'll be too happy even though the money is unexpected and meant for me....lol) The system comes with support via phone so I don't need to go anywhere or keep up with appointments.

The science behind the system is to do with detoxing. By detoxing heavy metals and chemicals as well as body borne toxins, body systems and organs can return to the function they were intended to have. Mitochondrial function imroves and sugar and fat usage returns to normal..... apparently

OMG I'm having cold feet. I hope this isn't just another red herring that involves keeping up with payments and lining someone elses pocket while out already empty pockets get turned inside out. I found the site through Dr Myhills write up on FIR so I'm trusting that she wouldn't endorce something that would be a waste of time.

I AM alot better thanks to the Rosedale clinic. They sorted out diet and have been rebalancing my system with acupuncture, bio resonance and skenar.

I think I have a big head start as far as detoxing is concerned. I haven't had an IBS attack for a long while now. At least 6 months. I AM already heading in the right direction, but the slightest bit of emotional or physical stress and I'm right back to square one.

I need my sleep and motivation sorted out, and the post exertional malaise. Brain fog makes it hard for me to follow conversation. I'm hoping this detox availability at home will allow me to detox my brain and improve these systems....and I'm hoping this will bring about something lasting.

At the very least it can't help to have a home system that detoxes.....and as my husband is a type 2 diabetic, maybe it will help him too.

I'll be interested by your views. I'm happy to keep a blog of how things work. Let me know if you want me to.

So far all I've done is ring up and book the equipment to be delivered, but the therapist answered the phone personally and chatted freely answering questions and bending over backwards to make it financially viable. He has a lot of respect for Dr Myhill and gave me a discount simply for mentioning her.

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  • Hi Stepper, good for you in being proactive in finding a way forward for yourself. I will be really interested in finding out how you get on. If none of us ever tried anything new then we will never make any progress will we. Good luck with your chosen path and keep us posted! Jane x

  • cocoon sounds bit scary but I hope it works for you. I've never heard of fitt.Let us know how it goes.

    regards, sandra.

  • Its not scary, just like a big sleeping bag really. Its a thermal therapy using far infrared which is a depth of light. It works a bit like a sauna.....but I can't do saunas lol. They make me faint...but apparently thats not unusual for fibromyalgia sufferers.

  • Hi Stepper, Good for you. This sounds realy interesting, a little scary maybe but so is Fibro at first I think for me anyway as I was in soo much pain. With this condition I think anything is worth a try as we are all different and respond to different treatment's. Do let us know how you get on. Have a lovely day. soft hugs Edna. xx.

  • sounds interesting i have read about the bio mat but not the infra red fitt. Time to do some more research for me, anything is worth a try to feel better let us know how you get on. x

  • Hope it works for you, I can't get acupuncture as my local authority won't pay for it and I can't afford it I was having it until the biill was submitted then it was “oh we don't pay for that” so I had 5 unpaid sessions and it was easing my pain ah well, such is my life. Sithy

  • Yeah Sthandra. Its very worng that we have to pay for any and every possible useful treatment. The only reason I have been able to buy this is because I was given some money.

    I have found some free Qi gong which is also really useful


    It teaches 18 movements I find its really helpful before sleeping.

    A detox diet is kind of essential. My diet is....

    Not Recommended Foods


    Asparagus, avocado, artichokes, lentils, peas, Red beans, Sprouts, Dried veg, Tomatoes, Onions. Potato


    Egg, game, cold cuts, Kidneys, offal, smoked fish, smoked poultry, raw fish, sausage, bacon, goose, animal fats, cream

    (meat once a week is enough, replace with fish, mostly oily)




    White flour, bread, pastry, white sugar, white rice, pasta, semolina, chocolate, ice-cream, honey, jam, cocoa


    Hard fats, refined fats, fatty stock, fried food, mayonnaise


    Tea, coffee, vinegar, cola, white wine

    Oily foods

    Peanuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, hazel nuts, pine nuts


    Bananas, Pineapple, dates, fruits in syrup, dried fruit, fruit jelly, coconut, rhubarb


    Rosemary, cress

    Recommended Foods


    Chestnuts, pumpkins, sesame, sunflower seeds, egg- plant, string beans, celery, leek. Cucumber, Carrot, Courgette, All green leaf veg


    Soy beans, barley, oily fish


    Avoid lacto free is ok


    Sprouted wheat, chickpea, soya ice-cream

    Wholemeal breads (spelt), Sourbread

    Brown Rice


    Cod Liver oil, plant oils, Evening primrose oil


    Chicory, Herbal and Fruit teas, cherry juice

    Oily foods

    Brazil nuts


    2 Fruits per day max

    Melon, figs, raspberry’s guava, pears, watermelon, lemon, peaches. blackcurrants


    Parsley, sesame, tarragon, basil, fennel, dandelion, ginseng

    Beyond the diet taking magnsium or having magnesium (epson slat) baths

    and co enzyme Q10

    vitamin D3

    and some omega fish oils

    really helps.

    Theres a lot we CAN do to help ourselves.....

  • Hi, I know you left this 2 years ago, but if you still use this site, I would love to know how you have got on using the infra red blanket thingy. has it helped your fibro and chronic fatigue? I am just trying to as much research as possible, but finding very few reviews concerning fibro and the infra red. Thanks


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