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ESA Assessment

It finally came, my appointment arrived today.

They have really given me a lot of time to get myself ready for it the date is

Thursday 20th September 2012

I just love being told things at short notice at least I will be very stressed out at the meeting.

I still don't hold out much hope of getting the benefit.

I guess I will just have to hope I can get a decent medical person who knows what they are doing and not a jobsworth!

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Good luck Bacaloca, I hope it goes well for you.

I am currently plodding my way through filling in my ESA 50 so guessing my own appointment isn't too far in the future.

Gentle hugs

Em xx


Please take note of all the other bloggers experiences and take someone with you. In fact if you feel strong enough ring them and tell them that you want the assessment recorded (as is your right). Please read the blogs on here re ESA assessment because prewarned is prearmed. The report will NOT reflect what you say to the assessor or your medical condition so you must have proof of all of that if at all possible. Good luck. x


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