Is it Friday yet?

Is it Friday yet?

Oh, I hate writing a blog just to have a moan, but I think it's going to be that sort of a week! Yesterday was my boyfriend's uncle's funeral - he was a lovely man, taken far too soon, and that was upsetting enough in itself. The funeral was in Bristol, so my OH's brother drove to him in Derby, my boyfriend drove to me in Birmingham, and I offered to do the drive to Bristol (trying to look after my boyfriend, who gets very stressed when he drives!). Should've been a 1.5 hour journey, but ended up taking nearly 2.5 hours, due to a massive traffic jam - hence my legs and feet were aching from the clutch control! Then, I stood around a lot in heels - I couldn't find my only pair of black, flat shoes - which made the pain even worse, and then did the drive back to mine, so that the chaps could have a nap in preparation for their drives home.

All in all, this morning, I am aching and feeling somewhat over-emotional (like that makes a change). Then, I get into work to find that my boss has changed our footwear policy (she says 'owing to a patient complaint about someone [probably me] wearing sandals', but she invents patient complaints regularly to explain away why she wants to enforce a new rule), to say that we can no longer wear sandals for work. Now, that's fair enough, if she's prepared to sign off mufti forms so that the Trust pays for them, but she's not. Basically, I need Birkenstock clogs - my feet feel like I'm forever walking on bags of hot marbles, so I need the cushioned support of the cork base, and a little bit of air circulating around my feet just to be able to walk with only a slight limp. And a limp of any sort is not really good publicity for a podiatrist! I don't wear shoes, except on special occasions, and they're silly shoes! I live in Birkenstocks until it's cold enough to wear my Emu boots, and then them until it's too warm, when my Birkis come back out! So £48 for shoes I only wear for work, when we have a uniform allowance that I have barely dipped into, seems a bit steep because she has decided to change our longstanding policy. I'm somewhere between angry and upset, and not sure yet whether I'm going to cry or hit someone, so I'm keeping to myself until I'm calmer.

I'm fairly sure that the week can only get worse, but I'm not prepared to drag my colleagues down with me, and certainly not the patients, so I'm plastering a grin on for them. Which, of course, means that I'm on here, moaning at you guys, for which I apologise.

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  • Not a great start to your week.... sending gentle hugs and hopes for your week to get better day by day! :-) Carol xx

  • Thanks, Carol! Hugs back! xx

  • poor you - one of the benefits of being retired is no bosses! I knew there was something good about being stuck at home and feeling rubbish.

    Hope you get some nice shoes.

    We had a head teacher who used to invent parental complaints to get his own way - he couldn't reveal which person of course, and the complaints always came in phone calls; difficult to respect a blagger isn't it?

    Julie xx

  • Absolutely! She's one of those people who won't do anything without 'evidence' (to the extent that she once asked me to evidence that cotton garments were cooler than tunics for us to wear to work in the summer - I did, via a literature review. She told us we could wear them the next day! ;)), but miraculously has no evidence for her decisions when we ask her!

    Ordered some black clogs with white flowers - even if they won't pay, at least I'll be comfortable!

    Sara xx

  • Hi,

    Sounds like your wierd boss is being even wierder :-)

    Hope ur week gets better

    Gentle hugs xx :-)

  • Hah! She is, too! :D At least she always gives me something to talk about!

    Sara xx

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