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My Hubby and I went down to stay with our son's in -laws in Kent. Beautiful weather and on thursday we went to watch the Athletics in the Paralympics, what an amazing experience!!

We witnessed World Records made Personal Records being smashed and some amazing athletes.

The whole Stadium was 100% behind the winners and losers. it really was a humbling experience.

Hugs to everyone x x x x x

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Glad to hear that you had a fantastic time! I was only able to watch the games on the TV but I too found it an amazing and uplifting experience. All of the athletes should be applauded of course but I was especially proud of our own. What an inspiration they all are. Jane x


Well done to all the athletes that took part it's just a pity the organisers allowed ATOS to be their sponsor. The same company that gives us our work capability assessments WCA and has been tasked to get 20% of claimants off DLA. just hope none of the athletes are claiming DLA as they won't be on it for long


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