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Pain Releif

Hi I am new to this page and Fibro as was only diagnosed in January, I have reduced my working hours down to 20 and started a cocktail of meds, I take 900mg of gabapentin, 2 x paracetamol, 1 x Accupan 4 times a day, then 1 x 500mg naproxin twice a day, and 150mg of Sertraline once a day, I am still in so much pain and wondered if anyone has any other ideas I can discus with my doctor???? Thanks Joss xxx

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Hi Joss,

You are on a lot of medication!

I have been there and found I wasn't helped much.

My rheumatologist started me on Tramadol and paracetamol together, which worked very well. I take a meloxicam tablet daily to damp down the arthritis that I also suffer.

I still have quite a lot of pain, but feel that I am on top of it, and that it's manageable, which is about the best we can hope for, I guess!

i do hope that you manage to find the help you need.

Luv ... Moffy


Hi Moffy,

I have tried tramadol but they made me sleep solid and I just feel sick on them, I am seeing my Doctor on Thursday and want to reduce the tablets down!! I dont think they are doing any good

Joss xx


Hi joss

Have you seen this information?

Best wishes



Hi Linz

Thanks so much for this info, its all a learning curve at the minute, lots to take in etc x


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