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I just went to the shop and thy were putting out the christmas paper and also the selection boxes so i grabbed a few and have wrapped them all up

i have also bought my little doggy his christmas treats and toys and have put them in his stocking (yes he has got a stocking ) and yes i do wrap up his presents too i dont know who is more stupid lol

love to you all and dont panic it is only September lol

love diddle xxxx

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It would be no good me buying chocolate, it would make no

Difference if it was wrapped up I would know what it was

And then think I could allways replace it, and before I could

Stop myself I would eat it.

I wrap up my dogs presents as well they love to take the paper

Off don't they


lol i have to unwrap my doggies presents ha ha so it is pointless really as i wrap unwrap them ha ha i am beginning to think i am a nut case really ???????

i put all my xmas presents in my loft as it is all boarded out and so clean up there it is brilliant for all the christmas stuff especially now my 2 x grandsons come and poke around at 4 and 2 years old they dont miss much lol so life would be diddicult without my loft lol and that also stops getting at the chocolate as i have to get the loft ladder down so it is not so easy lol

love to you diddle xxx


Might as well start now, my daughter does the same for her cat it used to belong to a friend over the road but they have a dog and she doesn't like dogs so she moved in with my daughter and her fiancè they only live next door so guess who cat sits when they're away.


You are too organised Diddle. I wrap my cats pressie up too and one for my Sister-in-Laws dog and they do likewise lol xx


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