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work advice ! help !

o.k i am in a predicament .

I work as a preschool deputy and i work 23.5 hours a week and additional turn taking to do the shopping and i visit the library to borrow resources every 5 weeks .

For quite a while i have found working these hours a bit of a struggle but have managed it and have even thought in the past of reducing my hours to 19 hrs to have a day off in the week.

Anyway, this week has been extremely difficult having one of my days being an inset day which lasted from 9.30 to 4.15. I was so tired that when i came home, and looked at what needed doing i just felt overwhelmed and burst into tears and was in so much pain.

I ended up doing two more days and went sick yesterday and today.

Now i have realised that i need to cut back where i can ...... but starting next week we will be having a meeting friday after work , every two weeks and now i am dreading it, i know working all day is just too much for me but i know we need to have planning etc meetings, but every two weeks !!!???

Everyone i work with are lovely and wouldnt bat an eyelid at staying behind but i really dont want to !!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant cope with any extra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help !!!! what can i say !!!???????????

I knew these meetings were going to happen and although i wasnt keen i didnt say anything !

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I myself worked in the same role as you and sadly i had to give it up as i could no longer cope etc,however at the time i hadn't been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and if i had perhaps things might have been different,i don't really know what to advise other than to discuss at great length with your employer and family/friends etc No rash decisions! Take Care and Good Luck xxx


I work ... I work school hours full time in a high school i am a counsellor .. i work with 5 young people a day then i write up some notes .. do supervision and read up extra days training ( 30 hours a year ) usually takes up a weekend and of course i have a family and a mum who needs me a lot more now dad has died ..

I would agree with dalla74 you can talk to friends see how work responds to your request is it a case you could go every month and get a memo for the one you miss ...

often there is a parent helper ... maybe they can do the libery work ?

food shop on line ... go to bed after work for a hour ..

Sorry i know they are guesses your the expert .. be kind to yourself xx

Gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi Larissa, firstly don't panic I fully understand how hard it is knowing the relisation and stressed with how to deal with it. So sometimes the best way is to set up appoinments/meeting with those you need to discuss your health and abilitys with, then email them all so you have the chance to explain in black and white without being interupted, this also give the other party time to take it in, rather than sper of the moment decission, and a plan that best works well for others. Also can you ask HR to make appointment to see occi health, also always seek advice from you union. do let us know how you get on hugs and smiles xx


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