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one week at work

weel i have done a week at work. well a few hours each day anyway. and i have been forcefull for once and said NO to others who will push there work on you, feel good even did a bit of gardening mainly watching the hubby lol bet feel ok still waiting to see what my redundancy offer will be. but i know that if i take the redundancy i know that i will be able to cope with a partime job. doing four hours a day next week its when i get to full time i will go into shock but little steps at the moment

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That's it, you have to come first. Do it at your pace and you will feel so much better.

Hugs xx


i dunno wot i can say to you that would help right now.

are you ready to go now?

all you can do really is take one day at a time and not push yourself too much.if it gets heavy try try and listen to your body and i really hope work get this and understand.

you have more will power than me to do full time.



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