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not mine was supposed to get an appointment but havent had time but took my son to his appointment today hes 14 hes been having back problems for a year now. they said he had an old mans body cracking and creaking, she said his muscles are so tight he cant even lift his leg properly!

he was kicked in the ribs about 18months ago by some kid at school which seems to have started his back problems. but his shoulders hurt ,elbows have pain and down front of his legs, which is the same pain i have! hopefully the physio will sort it out but as we have fibro in the family was wondering if they cna get it so young? i know we have some teenagers on here but hes only 14?

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hi yes i think theycan but lets hope its not bless him hopefully the physio will help himloads love to you both diddle x


thanks diddle i think its just damaged due to the kick and his bones growing no footie for him but he wlaks and bike rides so plenty of other exercies he can do


Hi Angie yes you can get it young is some cases such as mine born with it, so fingers crossed it does get resolved hugs and smiles xx


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