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My daughter has bought me a pic of my new grandson scan pic but she has e mailed me for npow as wont see her until tomorrow and he is laying there with his little thumb up in the air lol and hewa moving around so much she has got to go back next week as they could not measure some bits they needed too ! funny thing is my daughter kept saying i can hear the heartbeat on my dolar but i cant feel the baby move so he was really making her out a liar today ha ha

oh well just got to cook him abit more and then he can come hoefully on his due date of 16th jan 2013

love to all diddle x

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How lovely, we have a scan of Amelia thumbing her nose at us when she was about 25 weeks .... it is lovely to sometimes catch her now at 8 1/2 months in exactly the same pose.

She started saying Momma yesterday (she can already do Dada, Baba, yeah and brumbrum) hopefully Nanna will be next :-0

Julie xx


Aw thats so sweet love to you diddle xxxx


How brilliant congratulations it really is amasing to see them in the womb, Thumbing at you or may be just thumbs up :) I never liked babies particularly but I find them more absorbing now and they are so funny :) x gins


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