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Healthy living/eating reciepes and support.

hello everyone, I been intouch with admin, at present the sight is not set up to have a seperate section for the above, so what we thought was that I can keep mentioning it daily on blogs to remind and encourage us all to get involved and add things. So please offer support, advice, ideas, receipes etc either by coming back to this blog or using a new blog but with the title of healthy living, and if people want to message me receipes I will put a collection all at once on a blog so they all stay together. I hope this all makes sence lets get tapping away lol hugs and smiles xx

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Sounds good and will try to do just that.

Surprised no-one has replied to your post as eating healthily is surely a natural medicine.

Good luck Tess, I don't get on the laptop that often now as I've just started a new full-time job, but will certainly try to get some good ideas together.

Hugs Ren Robin...xxx


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