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well still at work in my lovely office peacefully writing a blog to say i feel oh so tired but that is no different to how i usually feel lol. Am enjoying being back at work. It is on reduced hours at the moment but hey i am here, and the good news is i am getting full pay.

Had some good news i am hypothyroid so have to start meds n3ext week sounds bad but they are supposed to reduce your aches and tiredness, so here is hoping.

Going to dring my coffee and get ready for my next lovely patinent. Hope to blog tomorrow and say that i am still happy at work.

hope you are all having a good day as me love angie xxxxxxxxx

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hi webby glad to hear your doing okay .and i hope it gets better.i cant wait to go back to work if they let me.

what is it you do for a living if dont mind me asking?

enjoy your coffee and rest when you get home.



i work in a gp surgery as a nurse


Well done Angie, pleased for you hun xx


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