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awake why ??

good day yesterday,at work, stayed up till 10pm (that is good for me lol) so why why why could i not sleep, was still clock watching a 3.40am, is this a new part of FM that i dont know about, going docs at 8.30 then work again, does anyone get the same feeling as i do, that you just know the day is going to get a lot harder then, when you get home that will be it, body and mind have left you, and its gonna be tired, bed and pain, what a bloody life. on a better note i hope you all have a pain free day as possible. love and hugs to all x

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yes i am a early hours person i nod off on sofa for 10mins really tired go to bed and wide awake lol tossing and turning all night it is ridiculous the last 2 morningsi have been up at 3,40 and 4 10 am lol love to you andgood luck at the doctors love diddle x


Morning, fibro seem to do alot of unpleasant things to the body and it kinda throws everything out of order and sleep in one of them, i do hope you manage to get some rest x


Aww poor you its bad enough coping with the pain of fibro then throw into the mix the sleep deprivation and its so easy to see why people with this condition suffer from depression and at times dispair.

Fibro is such a contradictory conditionisnt it? where you may have periods when you could sleep at the drop of a hat aka sleeping beauty style and then there are periods where you are so deprived of the ability to sleep you feel you have crashed into insanity and are well capable of murder. I hope you find something that works to help restore your sleep pattern helpful suggestions I have come across on here include; hot bath before bed, gentle walk before bed, acupuncture/ acupressure, herbal sleep remedies, soothing music, warm milk, eatting oats( i.e porridge) stress/ relaxation techniques, guided imigary etc

Good luck

Dixie xx


thanks for the reply, its been a long day, started to hang at 3pm, iv now just had hot bath and am sat in my bed, thats it for me today, got a 12 hour shift 2moz (god help me lol


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