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Counting my blessings : part 2

Hi all :-)

Just wanted to start of by thanking you all for the heartfelt supportive comments wishes and prayers you have posted in relation to my brother in law tonys transplant plight. The situation remains critical but he has hope for a positive outcome as so many family members have offered to be donors- how selfless is that?? I salute their bravery, compassion and kindness

Shortly after posting the story my resolve to be positive and start counting my blessings was sorely tested!!! It all began around 4pm on sunday up untill then I was having a lazy pj day; as I was a bit sore from travelling 70 miles from belfast to Derry to see my sis & tony. Suddenly I felt a bit nauseous and crampy, what started as discomfort quickly deteriorated and within a matter of hours I was throwing up continuously and rolling around my bed in agony.

Now im quiet a determine and some would say stubborn wee person and as i didnt want to have to sit in A&E for hours and hours only to be sent home with paracetamol and a diagnoses of something simple like trapped wind, I decide to tough it out at home.

Go me!!! I lasted 5 hours before collapsing in the bathroom and scaring the bejesus out of my kids. I was carted off to hospital in an ambulance where i endured a further 7 hour wait before being seen by a dr who diagnosed suspected appendicitus although she did tell me before securing me a bed on the surgical ward that i was a tad too old for appendicitus as it mainly flares up in late teens to mid 20's - talk about feeling auld at 42!!! My 26 yr old daughter who was with me told the doc that i deff fitted the profile nd it was bound to be appendicitus, as in my head im still a wee young thing in my teens - cheeky mare!!

Suffice to say it was indeed appendicitus and i was taken down to surgey on monday to have an op. Woke up miserable sore and fedup then I remembered my resolution to be positive and count ma blessings i came up with the following list;

1. Was given a bed in a private side ward which was spacious and even had its own ensuite bathroom so i was afforded privacy and spared the indignity of flashing my a**e in my beautiful navy blue (so not my colour) tied at the back gown and white surgical stockings.

2. I was unable to eat or drink from around 1pm on sunday till 1 pm tuesday so i mite have lost a wee pound or two

3. I had my first unbroken nights sleep in ages due to the power of the anisthetic which given my girth would probably have brought a hippo to its knees lol

4. When the surgens came to see me after the op one of them was a beautiful looking guy from indonesia he was such eye candy that it didnt matter that I hadnt a clue what he was saying due to his foreign accent his eyes and smile said it all :-)

5. Regarding blessing 4 Im now blessed in knowing that the old female desire hormones are still alive and kicking and have not surrendered to the perimenapause.

6. I had my meals served to me - for a change

7. My kidz actually pulled together in a crisis - for a change

8. My lovely family and friends all rallied round visiting me in hospital bringing gifts. gossip, banter and craic

9. Im back home now still very bruised and tender have been put to bed and been excused from house work duties (yeah)

10. I survived and though battered sore and bruised still have ma sense of humour - just :-)

Im still gonna count my blessings daily but im gonna ask the big man upstairs not to send me any more trials as unfortunetly im not a celebrity stuck in the jungle and i dont have the getout clause of saying i'm a celebrity get me outta here!!! So big guy if your listening I'd appreciate a wee break :-) xx

Dixie xx

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o.m.g im so sorry thats all you need right now.but i laughed when i read your points very funny.

i hope you continue to rest and let your tummy heal could have been much worse though if your pig headed didnt give in.

i have a bad bad fear of hospital so bad that i have severe panic attacks so does my fella .

just try and rest now and enjoy the kids rallying round you.

your brother inlaw is in my meditation thoughts...xx


Ohyou really have been through it havent you but sounds like the doctor brightenedup yourday shame yu were in a navy wrap round/ no make up and surgical stockings but hey ho he rembener you and go home to whoever and say we had the most gorgouos woman in theatre today she looked really good in our get up i will never forget her . well we can all dream cant we

i remeber when i had my 1st daughter and after 6 weeks i had a bitof a gynea problem i will be nice to early for anything yukky anyway i got referred to the hospital i waled in was told by a nurse the doc will be here in a min take off boottom layers and nickers and lay on bed and so i did

yeah in he walked all of 20 !!!!! well maybe bitolder but he was so gorgeous there he was looking at places on me i havent seen oh dear i feklt so embarrased if it had been an older man i would not have bothered so much but never mind it s his job i told myself you a piece of meat to hinm a number on a file but i just thought imagine being in a night club few weeks later and seeing him at the bar i would go scarlett knowing that he had seeen more of me than anyone

oh wll i am glad you are being looked after they do rally round when it comes to it klove to you diddle xxx


Lol oh diddles what we women havta go through if ya didnt laff ya'd cry and shur once uve given up ur viginity ur bits are never your own lol have a bitflashing free day hugs Dixie xx


Hi sammy lol shur you know the drill by now - what doesnt kill you makes you stronger - feck that I must be the incredible hulk by now!!!

My kidz swear that god is taking me up ta heaven piece by piece to do em a favour as by the time I die nd they cremeate/ bury me they will be pricing funerals according to the dead persons weight so mines would cost a feckin fortune. But as god now has my appendix a chunk of my finger nd about a million brain cells which I loose due to fibro fog, mines shouldbe relatively cheap and leave them a few quid for a drink on me lol

The kids are hoping for a larger organ nxt time- well we are after all in a recession nd every little bit helps lol ive heard of things costing an arm or a leg but this is ridiculous!!

All joking aside im glad to be home in one piece im sore but il live and im enjoying the pampering :-)

Hope you have a gud day

Hugs Dixie xx


Goodness Dixie, you deserve a gold medal for finding the silver lining. Thank goodness that you are OK and have not lost your sense of humour in spite of everything. What a family you have!!!My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Get well soon!

Jane x

PS Did you get the dishy docs number ;-)


Dixie, you really are amazing and such a star! I love reading your blogs, always a delight and make me smile! I felt guilty smiling about your pains and trials and tribulations, but the way you write is so witty. You make even a dire situation seem comedic, what a talent you have! You should collect all your blogs and seek to publish them at some point, they're brilliant!

So pleased you had your op and hope you're on the mend really soon! Take care and please let us know how you are getting along, we will all be needing a Dixie update soon!

Bless you! :)


Thanks for the laugh, they do say laughter is the best medicine. Wishing you a speedy recovery xx


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