WIDE AWAKE part 2 !!

well last night i slept 8 hours straight, could not believe it as i havent done that for months. Whoop!!!!!

Tonight 2am and i am wide awake. Dont know why as usual, but have got up, made a cuppa and am waiting to feel sleepy enough to go back to bed.

Have a busy weekend coming too as my parents are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.Not sure how i will get through it as i am in soooooooooooo much pain, lower back. I can hardly get to my feet, and then its as if my back is compressing. It takes a few mins to get my legs to move through the pain. once up and moving its more bearable for a short time then i have to sit down and so the visious cycle starts again

I cant take my tramodol as it gave me such bad headaches, so back to paracetomol and ibuprofen but with no relief. Have a week to wait for my next GP app too.

Mum and dad arrive here in a few hours, i really hope i can pull myself together. Mum has been very understanding about fibro but feels powerless to help any further. Just looking forward to a hug from mum x x x x seems we are never too old to want that !!!!!!

3.30 am still not tired !!!!!

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  • Thank you for your kind words x x

  • thoses nights are hard going and when you are in a pain cycle you dont know how to cope with it all, trying to explain to some one who has no idea the pain you are in, you just learn to cope and see doctor for some thing that will help you adapt to it all

  • Have you tried meditation to help you relax? I do Sahaja meditation and find it relaxes me to the point I can sleep and also I can use it to help control the pain to a degree

  • i will look into this, thank you x x

  • have a look on meditate4free.co.uk . Click on the 'try it now' section and just follow it on screen. It sounds weird and a bit freaky, but it really does work

  • thank you

  • if you have a go, let me know how you get on. It would be interesting to see if it can help other people

  • hi just to let u know ur not alone hun i feel for u ive just been diagnosed and haven't slept properly since October , i completely understand ur pain comment i have it to, does urs follow on through down ur legs as mine goes spasming down to my toes.

  • Along with the back pain i have less feeling in the left leg, no reflex and shooting pains to the knee, fun !!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds like something I had when I trapped a nerve coming from my back a couple of years ago. When you described about your back compressing, does it feel like all the weight of your upper body is pressing down on your spine and causing the pain? I was the same, taking a while to get moving, then only for a while till I had to rest again. Once I got it "untrapped", however, the nerve has stayed bruised ever since and has made my left leg weak and sore with pain down the outer side. It fluctuates, but from what my chiropractor says, it is when the muscles in my lower back are now spasming and pressing on the nerve that it is worse. Luckily she is very good at freeing the spasms for me.

    When I was first diagnosed 5 years ago I would treat the pain and never address the source, but now I have stopped blaming my fibro for the cause, and now blame the extra pain caused on the fibro instead, ie a trapped nerve isn't necessarily fibro, but the prolonged pain and trauma after and slow healing after is fibro. By thinking like that, for me it helps, knowing that the initial cause might be reversable.

    On the lighter side, by the way, I "untrapped" that nerve (mentioned earlier) accidentally by having to twist a little too far round to reach the loo roll one afternoon! Things have a strange way of righting themselves, but I had been signed off work for 2 weeks and had to explain it to the boss when I went back earlier than expected!!


  • Hi Fibrolou - isn't it funny how you always remember the night you slept through? Mine was a couple of months back. I actually woke up thinking "Good Lord...I'm CURED!!" :-) I'm sure others have too..

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