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I am going to take my little grandsons school uniform over to him today as he start scholl full time on the11 th Sept bless him he looks too smallto go but he is ready fo it mentally

i cant wait to get his 1st scholl picture bless him i dont know where those 4years have gone and the little one is 2 and into everything now so he will seem really grown up when the baby comes in jan

i cant wait til tommorrow morning as my daughter is finding out whatthe sex of the baby is so it will be the best birthday present ever as it is my birthday on thursday

oh well i am now gonna have a nother coffee it is too dark to walk my dog at the min so will have to wait a bit love toi you diddle x

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Morning diddle my birthday is on Friday funny that ! Have a good day x gins


lol how funny love to you xx


Happy birthday both in advance xx hope the day is good

I have to take photes of mine in there school uniform ive done it for years so it has to be done they grow so so fast

Gentle dyslexic hugs


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