Well nothing went as planned today.... nothing got done.... just as I was about to attack the dining room I had visitors!! I wouldn't mind but they stayed most of the day so I still have a mud bath that needs cleaning... well actually its more like a dust bath now its all dried out!!! A quick brush and hoover should sort the worst of it.

Once my grandson has gone to sleep I'm going to have a long hot soak!!! Might even treat myself and put some bubbles in!!!

Have a good evening all

Dree xx

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  • hi, just read your blog, oh i wud love visitors as i live alone, and family are in scotland, i used to feel like your blog, but now i would welcome visits and let the cleaning wait, no point stressing only makes illness more tough,i think we all fight inwardly with what we should be doing, but i am slowly learning that its not the end of the world, if we don'tget done what we set out to do. my motto is tomorrow is always fresh to start again. hope you don't mind me writing this lol.... tc love soma x

  • hi again, just noticed you are lactose intolerant, i am the same, dairyfree and lactose , ibs, and to many things to list lol... tc soma x

  • Hi, I'm finding it hard changing my diet as I love cheese and chocolate!!!! Luckily I found a few dairyfree and lacto free things I like. I just so hard lol I'm getting mega cravings at the mo!!!

    The visitor thing is normally ok but someone has been here everyday this week and I was kind of hoping to a bit of time to myself.... the kids go back to school tomorrow so I'm closing the curtains and locking the doors lol

    Dree xx

  • oh bless you, i had to adjust this year, as i was vomiting for yrs on and off, and specialist asked me to change diet, i still have the odd day , but on the whole i now know that lactose and dairy make me very ill. as well as i can't tolerate a lot of wheat or gluten, so i have a boring food regime,lol.... i have never liked choclate, but do like cheese, i have got used to the lactose free milk, and use df spread, but find its all more money. hope you have a relaxing day to yourself tomoro ,tc bye for now love soma x

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