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I cut the lawn in 4 hours!

Because of this lovely rain we have been having this year, mine and everyone roses lawn was a sorry sight. I was beginning to lose the dogs when they went out!! Anyway it took me four hours with a sprained wrist and tennis elbow. My Fibro has behaved recently enough to be semi normal which is good. however, because the grass was so long and wet, I had to keep U jamming the blades from sods of mulched up grass! My daughter-in-law took over to do the front lawn which isn't quite as huge, and after it had dried slightly, gave the back lawn a second cut. It all now looks lovely as I sit here having a nice culpa in the rare sun. Problem is my body now feels like its been in a train wreck! SO..looks like I shall be just admiring the garden today and looking longingly at all the weeds!

Enjoy the sun guys if you have it xx

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Take it easy today - we do tend to have to pay for a few days when we have these outbursts of activity don't we?

When we moved in I had the garden beautifully landscaped - in paving. Just have one raised garden which is full of roses, honeysuckle (and weeds) - much easier to take care of, in fact we don't own a lawn mower!

I was ill at the time so it seemed the best way to go especially with dogs who believe they should dig massive great holes.

Julie xx


Yeh I've got two dogs but thankfully they arnt diggers just super poopers!!

I'm trying to get this garden looking reasonable as when we moved in its just a fifty foot long grassed area! I love gardening its a passion I've always done to relax but now my body just won't let me.

I've been in garden all morning but I can't hardly do anything without taking a break its so blooming frustrating agghhh! I don't want any help with it because I WANT TO DO IT! Just got to get that message across to my body :-(


Had to give in and accept help with the garden today. It is big and there is loads to do. 7 hours later and it is looking fabulous and lovely for our cat sitters to enjoy next week. But I really regret not being able to do it myself any more...


I've managed to weed a couple of small flower beds and remove the dead sweepeas but not much else. And that's even taken most of the take day too :-( now I've sat down after my shower and my hips feel like a 90year old after a marathon!

Will we ever be able to go back to how we were? :-(


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