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I am writing blogs and someone is changing my personal settings so dont wether anyone else has got this problem ??????? all my blogs are for all to see but for some reason a blog i wrote a day or so ago keeps geting only viewable to members and i have to keep changing the setting on it but i dont normally have to do this so just to let you all know keep an eye on your blogs i am going to mail the hu team to see what is happening as it is a bit worrying as if it was the forum doing it they would have let me know that they were going into my blog and changing and the reason why they cannot just do that without my permission or at least telling me why so i know it is not them ( although there is nothing in the blog to cause offence to anyone) so i do hope that you are all ok and not having the same thing as if you are that is worrying as someone has mamnagd to intercept the forum love diddle xxxx

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Morning Diddle which Blog keeps changing or is it more than one? sounds strange x gins


the one i wrote it all my fault (or partly) so far just that one i think but warning tou all to keep an eye out as someone may have hacked onto the site as i saisd it wont be hu as they would have to tell me they were doing it or done it and why they cant just go into your account and change your settings without the decency to tell you and explain why so that is why i am concerned as there is no message from them and anyway there is no reason it should not be seen by all anyway and all my blogs are like that oh well just be on your gaurd and if yours do it report it as i have love diddle x


I noticed that diddle, very strange . Fairycazzie's thread was the same. Some very strange gremlins in the system I think.... :)



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