Trying not to panic!

I have an appointment with Job Centre Plus sometime in september to assess if I am fit to work or still entitled to ESA - you know the ritual.

Problem is I've lost the letter with the date and time. Going to phone them first thing tomorrow (Monday) and just hope it isn't early tomorrow!

Flippin Fibro fog - looked everywhere for the letter but it has disappeared grrr

Julie xx

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  • hope it's not monday. good luck, sandra.

  • Me too Sandra - have an idea from somewhere it was 9.20am on the 5th but not at all sure if I am right!!!!

    I put it on my diary on my old laptop - which is now totally dead despite a visit to the repairers.

    Julie xx

  • try not to worry nothing you can do till tomorrow ... and good luck xx

  • Best of luck for tomorrow from me too, please let us know how you get on.

  • It is monday 10th at 9.20 - what a relief ... I was worried it was going to be today ;-0

    Good job it isn't the following week either cuz we are going to the Isle of Wight for a little holiday :-)

    Julie xx

  • I'm so glad its not just me! I spent half an hour this morning looking for my cheque book so I could pay the window cleaner (who woke me up this morning - grrrr!) luckily I was eventually able to scrape together enough small change to pay him and hopefully my cheque book will turn up now I don't need it! LOL

  • All the very best for the 10th Julieevh. Hope all goes well. x

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