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Yes you have read the title right i have just spent 25 mins wrapping up christmas presents and putting them in the secret place ha ha ready for santa

well i wanted to make a start so i did and i have got enough wrapping paper to open my own shop so i there you go

i am now gonna have a bath and wash my hair and sit down and do nothing thatssounds good to me

i cant believe tommorrow is monday love diddle xxx

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I thought I was mad making Christmas cards last month :) We cannot prepare too early. I missed giving many cards out the past 2 years as flare ups kept hitting.

Your a good example. I may just follow xxx


well i have gotall my cards but i dont seem to send as many as i used to but it doesnt take me long to write them out they will be next on the list lol xxx you a good making them there is something extra special about getting a made card so good for you love diddle x


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