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Count Your Blessings

Something happened yesterday to make me appriciate life even one like ours which is filled with physical pain, emotional high and lows and limitations. You could say I received a huge reality check.

Just found out my baby sisters husband is seriously ill. Aged just 37; he has lived with type 1 diabetes since he was a young child and recently due to feeling a little "blah and off colour" (his words) he went to visit his gp who took the usual blood test gave the usual advice then sent him on his merry way. A few hours later the gp rang him at home telling him to go to the local hospital immediately. Upon his arrival he was admitted to a ward and subjected to a battery of tests.

Within a few hours he was informed he had kidney disease; both kidneys are functioning at 10% of their capacity and he requires a kidney transplant asap. His case is so serious that he has bypassed the usual proceedure of dialysis first transplant second and has leapfroged to the top of the list for individuals requiring a donated kidney.

As you can imagine the extended family are stunned and already several members have come forward and offered themselves as a potential donor. Their selflessness and bravery has had my sisters hubby tony in tears he is amazed at the fact that many people are willing to undergo a complicated, painful and risky operation in order to effectively save his life. He told me yesterday that he his humbled and so overawed to feel the reality of real love.

I travelled 70 miles from bfast to derry yesterday to visit him in hospital and to see, hug and support my wee sis who is in total bits. They have two small children; boys aged 9 and 2 the younger of whom is currently being tested for aspergers (autistim) and who is a wee dote but also a bit of a challanging handfull at time. My sister is working partime running to the hospital twice a day and trying to manage her usual busy routine of the daily school & nursery run,her oldest sons after school activities and the many demands of her 2 yr old. She is exhausted but currently fueled by adreninal and fear she is managing to keep going - just!!

Yesterday whilst spending time with my brother-in-law, we witness the man oppisite to him receiving the news he had six months at most to live as he was riddled with cancer. The distress of his family was harrowing and as we felt like the family deserved some private time alone, we decided to go outside to the smoking area.

Unfortunetly as we tried to leave the ward nursing staff ushered us bk inside as a body from the ward nxt door was being removed to the hospital mortuary. Again we witnessed a family shocked and devastated by grief, following behind.

I guess yesterday being so closed to the reality of death and dieing made me realise that life even one with the limitations of fibro is precious and must be sieze. So today even though im sore from travelling and sitting for hours on a hard plastic hospital chair im grateful for my life.

To wake up to a clear rain free day; to be able to decide if its gonna be a pj or clothes day an active(ish) or lazy day, a tv or book day. To hear my kids squabbling, laughing planning their day with friends, to hear the typical city sounds of traffic, honking horns, people passing noisilly by, children playing in the street. For every breath I take I AM THANKFUL!!

If your not in too much pain today please could ya say a wee prayer for my my brother- in - law Tony that he receives a compatable kidney soon and is returned to his faily safe nd well. For my sister claire that she finds the strenght to cope in this situation and that friends and family rally around to offer her practical support. And for my two younf nephews Reece & Luis that they not affected too much by their daddys absence and that they dont play their mummi up too much :-)

Thanx x Dixie x

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time Dixie. It must have given your brother in law and sister a big boost to have you there with them yesterday. You are quite right to remind us all just how precious every day is and to celebrate the gift of life while we have it. Jane x




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