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Scottish Slimmers

Now that my increased pain medication seems to be working, I thought it would be a good idea to get to grips with my weight. Joined Scottish Slimmers on Thursday and have been enjoying it so far. Since developing fibro and being tired and in pain all the time, I couldn't be bothered cooking so ordered take aways to be delivered or ate what junk I had in the house thus gaining weight and feeling even more miserable than I already was! I figure that I can't control my fibro but I can try and control my weight so fingers crossed for a good weight loss at my first weigh in on Thursday :-)

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let us know how you do ..

gentle dyslexic hugs


Good Luck, i used to work with Scottish Slimmers and it is a great company and and i've found personally the best way to loose weight. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did xx


Very best of luck! I hope you do well, and that you'll feel better for losing a few pounds..

You deserve a pat on the back for being so positive.

Love .. Moffy x


Good Luck keep it up I am doing the same here and trying to get more positive....I ate what was easier when in pain now I am eating better and it also has given me something to focus on ....

Slimming Hugs LOL

Rainbowdancer x x


Good luck. We should start a slimming club on this site. Swap recipes etc. Also swap wheat free recipes, or dairy free and so on. Anyway hope you lose loads in your first week. :))


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