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what a fun day

hello everyone

had to laugh my hubby said he is not taking me shopping again. first time i have been in a shop with him for eight or more weeks.

we cane out nine hundred pound lighter after i talked him into a new telly.

said i am dangerous and should stop in the car lol i said you are that tight you would not have bought it unless you really wanted it, but it really was lovely to be out even if i only went out to buy some new trousers for work on monday never got any think i would be pushing my luck there xxxxxxxxxxxx

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You will have to keep compliamenting the quality of the tv for ages. Try for trousers next week.

I went to M&S for some luxury, easy food. After having mouth abcesses and now infection for the past 4 weeks I deserve them. Of course had to have some deserts and chocolate bars too. Flowers were reduced so... xx


Wow you'll get a lot of use from a new Telly, good value for money I reckon :-) xxxx

Nicki xxxxx


Telly will last longer than your trousers will lol


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