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Sunday Sunday a fun day? A gentle day of reflextion what do you do on a Sunday?


You may have guessed I get up the usual time (about 5) I am now on second cup of coffee and OH has arrived with papers the best buy of the week. We love the cross words and with a little help from the computer we annihilate the Sunday express crossword.

I love pottering in the garden and as a child after lunch we would watch the movie with a good old favourite the sherbet dab the competition being to make it last the length of the movie.

Times change and I now sleep through the movie and awake to find OH has cooked me tea.

So what do you do?


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hmmmm.... Sundays.... depends on weather and what there is left to do, but I love crosswords too :) otherwise it's reading in-between boring things like food prep, washing and stuff... it's our 'down day' but I can't sit for long, it's a pain hahaha :D

OH catches up with recorded TV as there's often not a lot on on Sundays :)

anyone else out there???

Not many of us it seems so we shall just have to shout and make a lot of noise WHA WHA how is that? Bit feeble must admitt I am a bit feeble :) xgins

Ha xginsany one brought the ice creams yes ice creams please !!!!!!

Hey upski just made a batch of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream if anyone fancys a bowl, it's got crushed up maltesers on top........ any takers ?????

Foggy x

Coming straight round to yours, Foggie - I really do fancy some of that! I'll bring a lettuce and two lemons, otherwise it will make us fat! :D

Moffy x

Oh whoops, forgot to say the calorie ants had their go at it first, so there are no calories left in it. Yayayay >>>>>>>brings out humongous bowl and lots of large spoons for the calorie free ice cream <<<<<<<<<<

As son's rugby team is not doing Sunday morning training sessions due to holidays, I am taking advantage of not having to get up and take him & having a lie in. Plus, as he is downstairs watching the cricket on the telly, I am able to go on the computer which he regards as his, although it's the family's! I am going to book his 14th birthday party at a paint balling session next & then that'll be it for me as I don't think I'll be able to go on my fave mah jongg game, as hubby has just got back from the allotment & I'll have to go get the Yorkshire pudding made for lunch & get dressed! (We're not posh - in our house, 'getting dressed for dinner', means exactly that - getting clothes on! Wish that I could have Sunday Lunch in my dressing gown though!) After that it's nap time & then, blitzing the kitchen, tea break & then making hubby's sandwiches for work, try & finish the washing up & then watch whatever's on the telly about 10pm before I fall asleep watching it & then it's time for bed again!

Julie63 xxx

it's my resty day today.

new carers start monday - first one at 8am! I'd forgotten there were two in a day :)


Very lazy day Sunday, Have along lie in, reading the papers Then a long scenty bath, make a roast with all the trimmings, OH clears up and then it's tv or in the garden pottering weather allowing.

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Jessam that sounded lovely what a good day :) xgins

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Oh that sounds soooo relaxing :)

we get up early and me and my middle daughter get the bus 10 miles to church where we meet my eldest daughter who drops my 18 month granddaughter off to join us. we spend a great couple of hours there and then meet up with daughter and partner in costa where they pick my granddaughter back up. ( my oldest daughter has health issues and us taking the baby to church gives her a chance to relax ) we then get bus back home and my middle daughter cooks dinner whilst i relax with hubby who is also disabled and son who is autistic. unless of-course my fybro is running rife then i wake up early and cant get out of bed so we don't go and catch up with the service online, ouand daughter and baby come over to visit for a couple of hrs instead,

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