Morning everyone , don't get much excitement in my life, so tonight I'm staying in a haunted hotel in devizes, now that's exiting!!! Room no 4 at the black swan is one of the most haunted rooms in the country, I won't sleep but will not be physical so my kind of fun, may be grey in the morning!!!!!!! Il let u all know, I am shattered and hurting but it's bearable, no doubt il forget that later, wish me luck

Hope you all have a pain free ish weekend

Love Casper :-). ( nicki) xxxxxx

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  • Hi

    You must be mad, have fun !! Ooooooo

    Big hugs

  • I do believe I am mad !!!!!xxxxxxxxx

    Love Casper xxxx

  • OOOOoooooOOOOOOO - coming to get yoooOOOOOoooooooo!

  • Lol xxxxxxxx

    Love Casper xxxxxxxxxx

  • Don't be scared, they won't harm you but make sure you ask for plenty protection. I've only done one ghost hunt but it was great..!

  • I would love to do one, believe in all stuff paranormal. I agree with psychichea, make sure you ask for divine protection. Let us know how it goes.

  • hope it goes well we had plenty of ghosts at my mums house saw a few smelt a few and heard a hell of alot .including light switches going on and off used to just watch it! but they all disappeared when my mum died:(

  • They must have gone with your mum and we're comfortable leaving with her xxxxxx

  • You don't have to mad to live our lives but helps us cope ha ha

  • i have lived in a haunted house,it was always freezing, and i use to see shadows in the hall going up and down stairs, the bedroom door handle use to turn and open, my name was shouted,and the tall lamp started walking one night I was hiding under the bed covers,and they got thrown of me,i soon moved out.

  • Oh my god! For real? That sounds hideous , that sounds like a nasty poltergeist


  • Hi how did your stay go in the house?

  • Hi there, the atmosphere wasn't quite there as there was a fun fair right under our window, so it was very noisy, but something sat on my friends arm and hurt it and then it went numb, also door opened on its own and I had too shut it, they took us down into cellar which is steaped in hideous barbaric history, they do viguls down there, it was horrible, however the atmosphere wasn't quite right, but I'm going again to stay in room four with another friend and hopefully have more action, the place goes back to the 1730's so it's old, great place, some staff won't even go down the cellar !!!!!!!! Xxx

    Nicki xxxxx

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