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Weekend ruined

Well just rung daughter and cancelled grandsons weekend not up to it its the fist time we've ever cancelled ah well maybe i'll be up to it next time such is life you take the rough with the smooth and weather the storm. Gentle hugs for all . Sithy

Update pain got bad hubby decided enough was enough as it had doubled in size it was time to go back to the Dr which we so did he decided to send me to surgical decision area at barnsley general who decided to lance it for now I go back in a month for an op to remove the shell of the sist, so after 3 hours waiting at the hospital I'm home with a small cut on my chest and a lot less pain in between my breast, the pain in my left breast is gone yippee

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Well that is good news about the cyst in any case, don't forget to get the shell removed or else it could refill and you have to go through the whole thing again.

Sad about your Grandson - but needs must

Julie xx


I am glad the cyst was lanced you will feel so much better! Rest and you will soon feel more your self gentle hugs x gins




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